Take heart JKIA, blackouts can happen anywhere

I remember when there was a fire and loss of power in the new terminal at JKIA and Ktalkers went bonkers as if jubilee had stolen the transformers.

[SIZE=6]Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport crippled by power outage
Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport in passengers and number of flights, by accommodating 100 million passengers (more than 260,000 passengers daily) and 950,119 flights per year.

A power outage at the world’s busiest airport Sunday left thousands of passengers stranded in dark terminals and in planes sitting on the tarmac, as a ground stop for Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International disrupted air travel across the United States.

The outage, which affected all airport operations, started with a fire in a Georgia Power underground electrical facility, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said. The fire’s intensity damaged two substations serving the airport, including the airport’s “redundancy system” that should have provided backup power, and delayed efforts to contain it, Reed said. Full power was expected to be restored by midnight.


kama ni jkia kuna watu wangekuwa wana froth in their mouth,posting and reposting threads how jubilee government is a failure


So, just because it happened there, we should be okay with it?

yes,cause it is bound to happen even in the best laid plans,bridges collapses all over the world but when one collapse in Kenya it’s over amplified as a failure by jubilee government, no human work is perfect


You might right but it doesn’t mean we should be okay with it when it happens. Lakini ukweli usemwe, JKIA tries juu airports zingine in other African countries ziko down sana.


That’s not what he said.

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I’m of the opinion that JKIA should use this as a learning experience and have a remedy.


Karangi bado ni chairman wa KAA?