Take Down.

(NIS) External ops operators (Ex spec ops & ex-rangers) alongside in (black gear) Recce Rapid Response Team (RRT) during a burst pale coast. The terrorist were intercepted after intelligence indicated the targets were en route to perform an active act of terror. Good job Boyz.[ATTACH=full]382111[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]382112[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]382113[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]382114[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]382115[/ATTACH]

Ngoja uone njaruo @Tom Bayeye Otieno akikimbia hapa na conspiracy theories na ile external hard disk yake ya gifs na wallpapers.

Tulichambua jana bladifacken,tukasema ni false flag. Who goes to a coordinated intel operation with a camera man hovering around a takedown? Hii hapana episode ya cops, ghaseer ,(two infact,one was filming the other camera man) .FYI,sina disk ya memes,i make them so ziko mtandaoni,unlike you with all that repeated fegget pics. How do you even open gallery mbele ya wazazi wako wakikutembelea.?

[SIZE=5]Njaruo usigope kufungua hard disk ya gifs. Tulijua zamani uko nayo. Huwa unaifunga kwa shingo isipotee wala kuibiwa. Najua hizo gifs umezipanga kwa folders labeled e.g.

  1. patco U.S threads

  2. patco kawaida threads

  3. For use when irritating patco

  4. For use after patco unleashes salvos

  5. For use when patco calls me njaruo kinyozi from Ruaka

  6. For use when trying to impress @Coronatities

  7. For use when trying to impress purple. I know we share feelings but she doesn’t like Luos.

  8. For use when supporting my comrades against patco

  9. These gifs are for whatsapp

  10. Random gifs stolen from patco in the past

  11. Random gifs for use with my other handles

  12. Conspiracy theories from around the world

  13. Gifs for fighting meffi Trump and patco

  14. Letters to admin begging him to ban patco permanently

  15. Letters I haven’t sent to @administrator . Need to talk to @uwesmake first

  16. Luo love songs for barbers and shoe shiners

  17. Luo love ballads for fishermen on Lake Victoria[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]18. Luo love ballads I intend to send to @Coronatities and my dearest purple even if she doesn’t like Luos.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]19. Letters to send to my dear friend @King Robert Baratheon [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]20. Gifs that @King Robert Baratheon has gifted me in the past[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]21. Rock music we share with @King Robert Baratheon[/SIZE]

Fyi nilijua utakuja na conspiracy theory.

hao ma ngombe wa camera walitoka wapi

He’s past “trying”, I’m already impressed and have been for a while.

hawa terrorist wangepiga hata kablank kamoja alafu gun ijam banae ndio ikae real

kuna turkish investor atawekelewa


unajua huyo jamaa wa NMG huchota ndio apate hizo pics.pia recce and co wananukisha kitunguu wakialert media when low risks are involved.pia presidential press service huuza mboto zote za urezo kwa media,think about that

21 folders:D:D:D:D
Keep em going. Thanks for the extra ideas

[SIZE=5]I must have touched a raw nerve to get such a collection of memes and gifs copied straight from that external hard disk hanging around your neck. :D:D:D[/SIZE]


That op was totally staged. Who brings a journalist to ride along on such a mission in broad daylight? Could have gone like this


Wakichapa works mnalalamika, jameni issue yenu ni gani?

You never criticize the police. Ever. No matter what they do. You always defend them. Always. And nobody ever stops you or asks you what your issue is. Extend the same courtesy to others. It can’t be that hard.

I’ll extend the same courtesy whenever due diligence is followed, I don’t buy into the animosity between the police and the public.

There are idiots on both sides of the divide, weapons have been retrieved and suspects arrested…yet talkers want to rubbish their efforts because of a camera man?

That’s great bro, you’re uh, very woke and independent minded for not buying into the animosity. Look at you going against the grain. In the meantime people will continue criticising Kenya police because there is a lot to criticize.

Don’t be a dick we don’t have to share an opinion, and for the record it’s the woke who criticize and cry defund the police.

I’ve never said they are above reproach, I just said in this particular instance it’s disingenuous to claim that this was a stage managed attack just because intelligence and enforcement arrested suspects with weapons and your reason is a camera man was on the scene.

That operation was staged. That is what most Kenyans believe because that is what we have come to expect of this PR government. When those criminals are charged, tried and convicted, then I will believe it was genuine. But we all know this story will fade to obscurity just like it always happens. Because…it’s all a show.