Take away from my short sojourn in Dar

Women are beautiful albeit a little bit more reserved
The entire city is laid back, not as vibrant as back at home. I noticed that kenyans love music everywhere, even in public toilets there’s some music playing.
Very few banks unlike back at home where there are a lot of banks everywhere
Few wines and spirits too, watu si walevi sana kama home
Not too much hawking of second hand stuff goes on here
Too much policing on their roads
They obey traffic lights.

Hata picha ya beautiful woman hatujakataa


Ati ulipiga shot Sir John ? Gay

When I was there niliona their alcohol is also “more legit”. Brandy actually looks like brandy si hii matapiko ya Kenya. Konyagi ya huko na ya huku there’s a stark difference pia.

The Konyagi’s sold in Kenya and one sold in the Jamuhuri ya Muungano are as different as day and night

You are everything a rapporteur shouldn’t be. Have a story.

Hata picha ya reserved?

Story size ya airburger



Coco beach!

Hujatembea Dar vizuri bro!

Kula mtindi… as they say

That beer is legit . better than 90% of the stuff sold here.

piga momo msukuma mbicha

Kula bata

Nili delete picha mzee

Everyday nilikua na kunywa na sitosheki heheh

Casual observation tu… the best city ever!!..i loved the people food culture organization, peace…kila kitu best


Konyagi ya uku ni legit isee