Taiwan Manenos

As 254 contemplates “ocean loss” to zoo.mall

Beberu’ s wanachokoza pale Chinese waters…how now do beberu’ s enda uchokozi kwa wenyewe…unatoka Canada, statoe, UK alafu unaenda patrol China na Taiwan…

Naona kakinuka soon…zile kombora Zitawachiliwa beberu atajiju soon…

Me thinks…ata threat ya Biden to go to war with China over Taiwan…ni mshuto haina mharo…lol

Beberu’ s wanapenda uchokozi kwa wenyewe…mchina aki sponsor nchi kama Haiti…awanze uchokozi kama beberu…lol…atatembeza kinyambis kando beberu akunje mkia…naona meli za chinku zikija kwa hustler nations kando

Post kitu inaeleweka.

Lol…kuelewa ni wewe…let me look for context



Kama Afghan goat shaggers ndio waliwashinda, wataezanaje na China? Even when those chinkus had a shitty army, they didn’t mind losing millions of soldiers in major wars. It was quite normal. With over a billion citizens they can easily raise an army of over 10 million, although that won’t be necessary with the modernisation program they’ve been undertaking. Western countries collectively can’t afford to lose two million soldiers, that will be a major blow.

China is very passive…ni wale wasee hunyamaza until watoe shoka…COVID ni yao…bioweapons noma…ogopa kabla ukipate

Modern war is like old…how now did continents of people get swiped into history…north n south America…Australia…Africa was saved by musquito…beberu died of Malaria when alitry kuingia ndani africa

Africa will be wiped out soon…how does Kenya defend…dawa ya malaria iko…na hatuna dawa ya akili… kombora zikicuom from wazito…u will cry human rights? Ama Jesus help…nxt sijui urogi…tsk

True, nimestruggle sana…but i think anatarget wenzake watu wa single digit IQ

Only single digit…kwani ulikuwa double digit…34 out of 35

China should just shoot their shot like Russia did when they took crimea. America walipiga kelele lakini wanajua Russia ni moto ya kuotea mbali

Wewe SV bladifakin unasumbua elders. Pitia hapa uoshe ujinga.

Kuna kitu inaitwa fighting spirit. Sijui kama unajua hio ni nini?

Kuuwa binadamu sio rahisi vile unafikiria, the army tries to rewire you to be a killer but you need that extra motivation and mind set to want to kill and kill ruthlessly.

For instance Hitler gave rousing speeches about the German pride lost in World war 1.

Osama gave speeches about washing the infidels off the face of the Muslim holy lands. Muslims listen to those clerics and even shed tears of bitterness and anger.

The Mau Mau had the land and soil narrative.


They don’t even like Jinping. They might walk away the same way Iraqis abandoned Saddam.

For instance Trump is the only thing standing between a full out civil war in the U.S.

And there might come a time when he won’t be able to hold back the flood. There are cops quiting their jobs not because they don’t want the vaccine but because fuck joe biden , fuck this system.

Hio hasira ndio fighting spirit. You have seen it in Luos in the past. They are ready to die. He has to bring them down.

Loyalty to the red dragon.

And that is why the Japanese shafted them proper.

Koreans and Japanese sio mchezo.

Having weapons is one thing, in Vietnam the American kids started losing the will to fight. America fought too many battles back to back… ww2, Korean war immediately followed by Vietnam war… war lethargy ensued. Lack of focus. Plus the liberals back home were against the Vietnam war.

A demoralised soldier is useless. I have seen grown men running away from crazed child soldiers in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

But are they ready to die to defend communism? Chinese media is beating war drums 24/7 but citizens wametulia sana. Hawaonyeshi hasira e.g grab a few Taiwanese citizens and…

During WW2 the French had the most powerful and most experienced military force in Europe.

After Hitler invaded Poland and Britain and France declared war on Germany, Hitler was extremely nervous because he wasn’t 100% ready. Plus this is France and Britain and not some Poles on horseback. The French had everything but they lacked the will to fight to the death.

They had lost so many young men in WW1 that fathers were unwilling to let their sons die in another war. Germany wasn’t ready to face France either but one veteran General told Hitler this is the best time to hit them when their morale is weak. Hit them fast and ruthlessly before they know what’s happening. Blitzkrieg. France collapsed in less than a week. Even Hitler himself was surprised.

Wacha rumors the French military was incompetent, they heavily relied on bicycles and a few tanks no meaningful air support

I only learnt recently that the German army was only 10% motorized!

By invading Poland Hitler was infact testing his brand new motorized divisions. Hitler still relied largely on horses and foot/walking.

So when Britain and France declared war on Germany, Hitler was in fact very nervous. Majority of his generals outright refused war and steered him towards signing a peace accord to buy time.

I believe it was general Heinz Guderian who said why not rush the enemy? Attack through sheer German lightning speed or blitzkrieg.

Hit them from the air and on the ground simultaneously with the infantry running on foot right behind the tanks.

When the French saw the German tanks approaching instead of holding their ground they lost their cool and ran yet they were a far superior fighting force. If the French had fought back they would’ve decimated Hitler’s panzer divisions completely and won the war. The Germans attacked relentlessly nonstop for 72 hours and defeated mighty France, the biggest military upset in modern history.

Germany was the only superpower at that point and the most technologically advanced. Secondly they were the only ones with industrial capacity for large scale war in europe at the time. Nobody wanted war with germany and thats why they had to gang up. The french were easily overrun and had spent their time building the maginot line. they had expected the wehrmacht to bring their mechanized army through open areas where they could drive easily. the werhmacht crashed through thick forest, went through belgium like it didnt exist and the french did not have the answer. the fighting resources werent there.

If we are talking numbers :

Germany: 141 divisions
7,378 guns[3]
2,445 tanks[3]
5,638 aircraft[4][c]
3,350,000 troops
Italians in the Alps
22 divisions
3,000 guns
300,000 Italians


France: 135 divisions
13,974 guns
3,383–4,071 French tanks[3][5]
<2,935 aircraft[4][d]
3,300,000 troops
French in the Alps
5 divisions
~150,000 French

You also forget that Germany had been under some form of sanctions after WW1. Germany had been demilitarized and Hitler was rebuilding a new and inexperienced army versus FRANCE!!!

(The French army during WW2 was even more experienced and capable than the U.S army on paper. On the ground clearly things were different.)

Hitler’s secret weapon in the Battle of France was this :



Biden amesema usa will support Taiwan if china attacks…lets see nani ataumia…obviously Taiwan.

White house officials have said that that’s not what he meant. He meant that he supports Taiwan but wakitombwa hio pia ni shauri yao.