Taita-Taveta residents have started to feel the absence of the former Governor Granton Graham Samboja.

Residents of Taita-Taveta county are experiencing hard and difficult times brought in by the newly elected county government.The challenges seem to be more worse than what they experienced during the administration of Former Governor Granton Graham Samboja.
Apart from many expectations, they expected medicines to be in hospitals and better services from the hospitals. But to their dismay this isn’t what they expected from the government. It’s now clear that the Administration of former Governor Granton Graham Samboja was far much better in comparison with the current government of Hon Andrew Mwadime, a situation that has raised concern among residents of Taita-Taveta County.
This follows a scenario where Rufus Wazwa of Wumingu/Kishushe ward, a patient is being detained in a private hospital in Nairobi due to unsettled medical bill of Kshs367,500.
The area M.C.A Hon: Newton Kifuso Salim has been informed together with the County Government but no action has been taken. This is in comparison with Samboja’s tenure where such cases were solved with ease.
Despite the fact that Samboja isn’t in power, He has been giving food aid to areas affected by famine in the county, few months ago. On 7th May 2022 Samboja announced through a radio station, Anguo Fm, to award bursery cheques to students who requested him for financial assistance to reduce their fee balances, which was becoming a burden to some of the parents.
Each student received a cheque of Kshs 10,000. In a point of writing, Taita-Taveta at large still miss the good times with the Former Governor Granton Samboja who remains an inspiration to generations to dream far beyond their potential.

Mshapa hoyee!

My Taita pips deserve better

Let them suffer the consequences of their actions. Former governor should not even care

Samboja wa fake degree amekulipa ngapi umpigie debe?


The Old Lion is still around …
And he is ready to serve …


Hon: Mborio Mashengu Wa Mwachofi AKA “Karl Marx”.


Once in Parliament, his reputation as a defender of the peoples’ rights reached far and wide.

His firebrand politics soon caught the attention of Charles Njonjo, the then Attorney General and President Moi’s right hand man.

“Njonjo labelled me ‘Karl Marx’ the chief ideologue,” he reveals.

Mwachofi would then team up with a group of like-minded youthful lawmakers whom Njonjo christened the Seven Bearded Sisters.

They were Abuya Abuya (Kitutu East), Onyango Midika (Nyando now Muhoroni), James Orengo (Ugenya), Lawrence Sifuna (Bumula), Chibule wa Tsuma (Kaloleni) and Koigi wa Wamwere (Nakuru North, now Subukia).

Mwachofi says they were defenders of the people against Kanu’s excesses.

His first term ended abruptly after Moi dissolved Parliament after the abortive 1982 coup.

The Kanu government was keen to ensure he did not go back to Parliament and hoped the electorate would reject the young MP.

But when the results came in, Mwachofi had won again against government-funded rivals.

In his second term, his bashing of Kanu intensified largely because he had become a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) together with Mau Mau veteran Gitu wa Kahengeri and Kijana Wamalwa.

Wacha mchezo wewe. Pesa ya Taveta county government itatumikaje kuclear bill ya 367500 kwa private hospital Nairobi?

mkisema io ndio njia mtapitia, nini itazuia owners wa private hospitals Nairobi na Mombasa na Eldoret kuita marafiki zao wawe detained kwa bills fake za 367500 ndio iwe cleared na Taita Taveta county government?

Sijui umelipwa ngapi lakini mshapa should never ever near any political seat. God, he was awful as a guvnor.

Elaborate please?

Yeah they deserve what they put in.