Tagged lanye 3k for 1hr

Wanganpi wamesample ???[ATTACH=full]371791[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]371793[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]371794[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]371795[/ATTACH]

nunua gilbeys ya 1200 ukamue mtoto wa kmtc weekend mzima achana na malaya kijana

Hebu rudia na uwache kuwhisper

Why do you pay for sex? How much of a bottom barrel man are you? And you even have the guts to come here and name your foolish intentions?

Upper barrel najua wewe you get free sex …show us your ways mkubwa

It is high time.men learnt to respect their money and dicks.

Good old seduction. What happened to that?

The woman above does not deserve anything more than 700ksh. Meanwhile good old seduction died with our parents. But you will still end up paying even a higher price with the good old seduction. Nowadays is pay per play.

Pass uwesmake digi cort devore starscream tupe valuation

I agree…
Kmtc still supplies the best and affordable pussies in Kenya… only legends know.


Alikua na ball juzi tu, kwani ameshazaa? [ATTACH=full]371812[/ATTACH]

The only tight hole ako nayo ni mkia

Hesabu yake ni kombo ama @Lou Tenant unatuenjoy. I think she meant 1K for three hours

Fuck 700ksh,afadhali nigurumishe jingchen

siwezimind kulipa 100

@Thiem ndio master ya hao kmtc chics. Borrow some tips from him

Mlisema university whores ni mambo mbaya:D:D

Most of these ladies will look much better if the exercised to tone their bodies.

Wako site gani buda