Tagged exposee

I have been randomly texting women on Tagged for the past few days and I can tell you that its a filthy online brothel. All women who I matched with were after hookups. No one was interested in dating. Yaani Kenya imejaa malaya na wote ni 20-27 year old and a few 30+ year old. Ogopa Nairobi.

Just hold on. I will drop all convos here. Dont go too far!

It means you are also a malaya.

I feel bad for the guys who have recently finished high-school fresh. Alafu apatane na hard-core tagged lanye. Atajichukia

Tagged u have to sift through layers upon layers of filth

mantra ya mtu ametoka highschool ni bora kuma > kuma bora

Lanye wa rifa rodi wamejaa tagged

@tall mnyama everywhere malanye watakumalizia that little cash that muhindi paid you as he laid you off

Mimi as long as it is willing buyer willing seller.

Dude, si I thought you are in your mid twennies? why would you choose this avenue to get laid? why? Did you get another job? Lanyes are addictive and even when you get married hutawacha.

my deer , nisaidie kidogo LANYES inamaanisha nini?

Unanienjoy tuu. Lakini will answer just for you. Lanyes are malayas…in greek they are called ‘maraihu’. Uliz my Mungikress ukifika home maraihu ni akina nani:D

He gave up on looking for one, kazi yake siku hizi ni kusaka lanye online

Mathe atachoka :D:Dkwanza akijua ile pesa anampatia ya bundles ndio atafute job, kijana anaenda Tinder.

I wish he would read that carefully and meditatively.

I dont fuck whores. I am doing an experiment to show you how Kenyan women have degraded to the point of being whores for pay

I have never slept with an online hooker. Infact I have never even met someone I had a convo online. Why should I get laid by a whore when there are millions of women around me. A little chit chat and I am balls deep in that pussy. I am just doing an experiment. Satisfied??

Anyway I dont have to explain my actions to anyone here.

Wekelea convos tuchambue hizo bei

Coming right up. Effidense iko concrete!

Hunh? you put out a post. I commented. As you were!

Mzee baba lete convo tupitie pitie

Online dating in poor countries ni brothel tu. Elewa watu, wamesota huku nje, kwanza in this corona time. Be careful and make sure you don’t get caught up in scams