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nimeangalia thrice but sioni MOI kwa hio picha. mtu anionyeshe

@Mangele natafuta ngei na simuoni apo

I was just throwing out names. The photo did not tag names.

Ata mimi nimetafuta “fimbo ya nyayo” but sioni

Amesema first cabinet. Moi aliingia Cabinet 1964

Julius kiano NOT otiende

This is a KANU cabinet. Moi, Ngala, Ngei and others are not in it. It is only when the opposition dissolved and crossed over to government side, did the cabinet truly adopt a national character. What you are seeing there is a tribal gang, read central- nyanza nexus. there are token membership of kamba, maasai/goan and a white spy. Now most of those in the picture are princes handpicked from bonoko royalty that was created by the british to help them administer the colony. my take, true or not.
i am dorobo

Otiende wasn’t a luo
He was a maragoli from vihiga

Kenyatta copied odinga but after kuchapwa Na mawe Kisumu in 69, hakuwahii vaa Hiyo kofia tena

Literature on struggle for independence in Kenya tells a different story about how Kenyatta became president. Britain started preparing Kenyatta to take over way back in 1957. He was actually under house arrest from 1957 to 1961 in Lodwar. This same thing happened to Nelson Mandela in 1989 until he was released.
At the height of the Cold War, the West was comfortable with Kenyatta because of his capitalist inclination. Odinga was equally educated but he was getting funding from Russia (communism). Just before Kenyatta was released, Odinga was pushing for independence in parliament or the equivalent of that. He insisted that Kenyatta must be released for anything to continue - and Kenyatta was released thereafter. Kenyatta became the prime minister after taking over party leadership from James Gichuru or Ronald Ngala - can’t remember the details very well. Yes, that’s how things went. I don’t think Odinga would have been handed over the leadership by the Britons even if he wanted to. It was basically a balance of power between pro-capitalism and pro-communism.

I think Odinga senior would have been kenya’s first president, but he lost out not because the british did not want him, but because his style of politics was principle and emotion-driven which is inferior to the opportunistic brand that most successful politicians utilize. He had a real chance to form government after the 1961 general elections but opted to wait out and have kenyatta take the seat. Therefore the Jaramogi is really to blame for a lot of the mess we have in Kenya. An interesting outcome of the independence movement in Africa was that new countries opted for different shades of socialism not capitalism which was espoused by the imperialists. Most socialist-is governments thrived because Africans did not want to associate with their former colonial rulers’ capitalistic ideology. Kenya was steered in the direction of socialism not by Odinga but Tom Mboya and his prodigour minion, one Mwai Kibaki. Tom mboya died but kibaki as a long-time finance minister guided the semi-socialist agenda throughout the kenyatta era. The socialist economy thrived till the fall of european communism in the early 90s. moi wiped out its gains in the proceeding years. Now Raila is not interested in any socialism and finds solidarity in other capitalists. current affairs are not my thing so i stop here. i am dorobo.

Well, I think you have a point there. However, I really don’t think the capitalists Great Britain and Americans would have allowed Jaramogi to rule for long. Maybe it would have turned out as the case of Patrice Lumumba. Remember Pio Gama Pinto went down due to his inclination to communism.

Dr Gikonyo Kiano. Was around 32

Joseph Murumbi

Moi had a very strong dynastic tendency. Where close friends, mentors or persons he simply liked passed on, he would do anything to uplift and fastrack their offspring top leadership levels. Now where such a leader never left viable offspring (too young or not there), moi would settle for a ‘clone’. physical resemblance professional backgrounds and personality traits would be taken into consideration. Kalonzo Musyoka is a clone of kenya’s first chief justice kitili mwendwa. George saitoti was a clone of murumbi. They had similar physical features, disputed maasai backgrounds, childless families and were painfully introverted.

Add katana Ngala ,musalia ,khaniri