Tag Names Of Kenyatta's First Cabinet...


Some names Muliro= Mboya= Toweett= Koinange=Murumbi= Mackenzie=Odinga=Sagini=Ngala=Ngei=Njonjo=Kodhek=Seroney=Moi=Oneko

What would have happened if Oginga didn’t make way for Kenyatta?

The mau mau war would have continued.

kati ya kamau wa ngengi na oginga odinga nani anacopy mwingine?

Front row, second right. That looks like a young Prof Saitote. He cannot have been in the first cabinet


And this one looks like he just graduated High school


thats murumbi kassia!

Joseph D. Otiende

Wealthy jaluos do not come this skinny. That is not a lakeside face

Ahh come to think of it. Theres a place called Otiende in Nairobi.

Joseph Murumbi

Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano. Also the firsts Kenyaan to earn aa PhD degree.

Thought that honor belonged to Johnstone Kenyatta. Fella married a Jungu and enrolled in Cambridge. Ama someone distorted history?

Johnstone Kamau did not have a pHD.

Thiis part is false. I’d like to know where you read that.

Facing Mt Kenya.

[SIZE=5]University College London and the London School of Economics: 1933–1939[edit][/SIZE]
Between 1935 and 1937, Kenyatta worked as a linguistic informant for the Phonetics Department at University College London (UCL); his Kikuyu voice recordings assisted Lilias Armstrong’s production of The Phonetic and Tonal Structure of Kikuyu.[115] The book was published under Armstrong’s name, although Kenyatta claimed he should have been listed as co-author.[116] He enrolled at UCL as a student, studying an English course between January and July 1935 and then a phonetics course from October 1935 to June 1936.[117] Enabled by a grant from the International African Institute,[118] he also took a social anthropology course under Bronisław Malinowski at the London School of Economics (LSE). Kenyatta lacked the qualifications normally required to join the course, but Malinowski was keen to support the participation of indigenous peoples in anthropological research.[119] For Kenyatta, acquiring an advanced degree would bolster his status among Kenyans and display his intellectual equality with white Europeans in Kenya.[120] Over the course of his studies, Kenyatta and Malinowski became close friends.[121] Fellow course-mates included the anthropologists Audrey Richards, Lucy Mair, and Elspeth Huxley.[122] Another of his fellow LSE students was Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark, who invited Kenyatta to stay with him and his mother, Princess Marie Bonaparte, in Paris during the spring of 193

Vindu vichenjanga tena zinajirudia… hizo days Kenyatta na Odinga walikua hadi wanavaa matching attire na wakarudi wakosana vibaya sana just like how it is between Uhuru and Ruto right now…

Dr Kĩano

Njonjo is the only one alive. He should write a book before going to meet his maker.