Tabia Ya Wakenya Kuweka Watu Kwa Whatsapp Groups

Unaamka morning unapata messages na unsolicited invites kwa group ambazo huna interest nazo.

Sijui pre-wedding, ohh graduation thanksgiving bla bla… The whole aim is to raise funds. Robbery without violence

Unaleft… meffi hao

wao wako na courage ya kukuweka hapo. mbona usiwe na courage ya kujitoa?

Watch and learn how to prevent being added to what’s up groups.

The only contributions you ought to chip in are fundraisers for school fees and medical expenses. Genuine needy cases of course. Not perpetual omba ombas like Omosh. Omosh types you need to smell from a mile away and you “left” mbio mbio.

The worst contribution is for a wedding committee. Why burden random people with a wedding you can’t afford yourself? Will I get free meals from your wife or some tax relief from KRA? Why contribute to a graduation gift for a nigga graduating with a Masters when you yourself ni Diploma tu uko nayo na it’s a nigga u don’t even fux wit that much?

Just have the balls to “left” some groups immediately or even better, ask the admin who added you (politely) to remove you. They should have had the etiquette to ask for your permission first before adding you.

If the group involves some important agenda or important group of people coming together but is still filled with silly and useless posts, mute the group notifications forever and also set up the ‘disappearing messages’ setting on WhatsApp. You’ll open and VERY quickly skim through the chats when you want, making sure you don’t miss anything important. Good examples here are Neighbours’ groups, Office groups and also some family groups.

Learn to mute notifications and observe silently what is going on. If the group is for a good cause like.medical bills, chip in what you can and maintain your silence. Don’t be an asshole by “lefting” as you never know when you might need people. The group will someday adjourn na utokee na wengine.

Unaleft immediately, hakuna kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko

Some people can nagg

Mi nawekaga mute ka ni famere,ujinga ingine sipendi,eti “cousins group” ,marafiki naondokea the minute naskia hako kanotification “fulani wa fulani has added you…” feels like being taken hostage,worse if the person hamujaongea in ages. I appreciate wale wanakumessage before wakuweke

How are you an asshole for lefting when they didn’t ask for permission to put you in a group? Whenever I need funds I call whomever, state my goal and ask to out them in a group. If I carpet-place everyone, I expect many to left.



@patco is here, like clockwork. Always lurking. Right on cue.


From where I stand, I don’t mind being added to fundraising for medical reasons. You can imagine what goes in mind of kin of a person who has accumulated a bill of let say 18M! At that time even a 50 Bob is good money.
In such needy case it would be prudent to always remember what Martin Luther King Jnr said na nanukuu: “On the parable of the Good Samaritan: "I imagine that the first question the priest and Levite asked was: ‘If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?’ But by the very nature of his concern, the good Samaritan reversed the question: 'If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”

Hizi group za weddings na Ruracio si muhimu unless for planning purposes and this is only for very close friends.


Your call.

I think that is the spirit. On occasions, I have stopped and dropped a 1k contribution to strangers meeting to fundraise for a sick or departed soul. To me, that isn’t much probably a few beers at the local but to the recipient, it goes a long way. We once fundraised for a nephew who had a kid with heart conditions and I could observe how a 100 shilling contribution contributed to the achievement of the overall goal.
Have never " lefted" a WhatsApp group. If I feel the agenda doesn’t sit well with me, I maintain my silence mpaka group ifungwe.

Kabisa…a thousand Bob goes a loooong way! and it could be a fraction of what we spend in our drinking dens. Personally, if I get into such a group, I always skip one outing and channel that towards assisting in paying the medical bill. In addition, I have to invite my boys who give kidogo kidogo…at the end, the load becomes lighter.

Kwanza funeral ama weddings wtf…me huleft no comment…


Mimi kuna ghasia zina ni presha nioe. Hao ndio nitaweka Kwa group ya wedding. Liwe liwalo.