Tabia Muozo

I don’t know when it started, but I do notice it now. The glorification of engaging prostitutes when the loins are burning with craving. It’s commonplace for guys on here to ask for a lanye’s number. Hii tabia si mbovu tu, imeoza.

Wasichana wengi jamani . Tena shape.u zote. Rangi zote. Viuno tofauti. Size ya miundo msingi tofauti. Jinsi utakavyo. Why can’t you katia this legit and rich collectionn?

The problem with kuzoea Malaya is that u lose ukali wa kukatia. Coz all u know ni “how much?”

I am one of the oldest villagers on here. It pains me beyond words n jokes seeing young guys depending on prostitution. We will lose u.

Kukatiana is for peasants, pesa ndio huongea siku hizi.wanawake wenyewe wanaskiza pesa tu.

Tutakupoteza kijana

Men don’t pay prostitutes for sex. We pay them to shut up and leave immediately after sex.

All I want to do is empty my balls na sina time ya long time relationship. Why go into all that trouble, wasting time and money?

Wewe na nani, mimi sikuwa shoga toka mwanzoni, kalilie mwenzako @Web Dev

Kwasababu when u get your own, yul have the luxury of hitting it raw. Huko kwa lanye ni makaratasi tu

Talkers are busy people, why waste time with rehearsals and preliminaries when you can go straight to the finals.

Value for money and time

There is no guarantee that what you are hitting is not being hit by somebody else eg@ wakanyama, but with a lanye, you know the risk thus you dorn protective clothing. It’s also hassle free, time ni ya kutafuta pesa sio ya kupoteza ukiomba kuma ambayo unatosheka nayo after five minutes, yes, five minutes, jogoo style

Ushoga umejifunza juzi juzi?

Shoga wewe

Talkers ain’t busy people bana… hawa watu wameparara miguu …talkers ni chokora wa kawaida tu

Don’t believe the hype on here

At least it ain’t getting hit by 30 dicks a nyt

Prostitution is ever thriving, seems that’s where fellas practice porn antics thinking that their wives/girlfriends are too restrained. It’s shocking that even high school kids pay hoes for a humping. Is it not addictive? But what does one gain in the long run, just emptying the nuts consistently? Balls aren’t boils that need fluid to be drained pronto. Maoni tu.

Dicks ngapi zinagonga avril na uko hapa ukisema ati siku moja utamkatia, good luck with that.

Yes, siku moja ntamtia hadi atii, na kuniita “Scrotty” affectionately

Nduthi Sacco has a new shairman…

You end up spending more money with the so called girlfriends, womenfriends etc in the name of loyalty, alafu some other guys are banging her IN THE HOUSE YOU ARE PAYING for free. Wacha nikae na malaya, after all every relationship has a price.

So you we chase lanyes coz we don’t have one of our own?