Tabia Mbaya - Sycophancy

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On top being afflicted by the disease that is sycophancy, we have an additional disease of accusing others of sycophancy while conveniently not seeing that we ourselves are sychophants.


Fiud macho angekuwa ICU if saikofancy was a disease.

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Sycophancy is what defines Kenya’s politrics

Sycophancy is deeply rooted in our system thanks to negative ethnicity

My name is blueline and am a sycophant

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Sycophancy is just another word for tribalism.

Sycophancy at its worst:

The guy suffering pre-death paroxysms under the plastic chair went to Muliro in a plastic orange T-shart, 2007 vintage. The guys around him sported brand new Weta plastic T-shirts anno 2016. Neither of them knew where their evening meal was coming from that day.

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Not long Weta was associated with pnu or “punu” as it was nicknamed. Why should a rational human be up in revolt if he goes to yet another ship?