Tabia haibadiliki

Kuna hii THREAD nmeona pale twitter ikanipeleka 8 years back, when I was in college. There was this guy alkuwa anaitwa Dennoh, hakuwa anajua anything other than kutoka msee… so there is this particular time tulikuwa tunamtembea GF wale pale hostel.
Kufika kwa door ya room, ladies zimezima lights na zinawatch movie, Dennoh akanisignal nirudi( me thought there was change in plans), believe it, aliingia room akaflap laptop akitoka nayo mbio… what i remember ni akienda na GF wake police station kureport wizi… to date nlitoka college hakuwahi julikana[ATTACH=full]299566[/ATTACH]

You’d some cheap friends back then. Hope your associates are better 8 yrs on.

Back in colly, i stole my girlfriends phone Nokia 3310 (now my wife). Then, a phone was a precious commodity. Sold it and bought mine:D. Sometimes these ladies deserve that, they also indirectly steal alot from us.

You are a shitty man.


Gay storise peleka mbali mbwaaa ghaseer takataka

Hekaya za umeffi hizi.

Niaje manyundo,kwani uko na MENses.

Stealing from a woman is an act of cowardice. Unless she has really exploited you and you aim to pay yourself back.