Tabby Ndung’u's Interrupted Dry Spell Results In Public Humiliations....

Tabby Ndung’u, a 26-year-old woman has been charged a fine of Ksh20,000 or serve a 6-month jail term for insulting a police officer.

Tabby, according to a police report, was found kissing a man passionately inside a car that had been carelessly stopped in the middle of a busy road
and they didn’t mind the traffic they were building.
When approached and asked to drive away, Tabby got out of the car and hurled unprintable insults at them, daring them to shoot her.


The court heard that two police officers on patrol found traffic and upon investigating the cause of the jam
they found Tabby and a male companion had stopped their car in the middle of the road causing obstruction to other motorists.
The officers found Tabby and the man kissing passionately and ordered them to drive on to ease traffic.
But angered by their interference, Tabby got out of the car and hurled insults at them.
The two male officers reported the incident at the Kasarani police station.
The magistrate ordered her to pay an Sh10,000 fine for each charge or serve six months in jail.



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26 years anakaa 45

Huyu amechapa. She was trying to prove to herself she still garrit

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