t bills no longer profitable

This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 182 and 364 Days Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs.12 Billion. The total number of bids received was 189 amounting to Kshs.10.74 Billion representing 179.06% subscription and 107 bids amounting to Kshs.3.45 Billion representing 57.54% subscription for 182 and 364 days, respectively. Bids accepted amounted to Kshs.10.27 Billion for 182 days and Kshs. 3.45 Billion for 364 days Treasury Bills. The weighted average rate of accepted bids, which will be applied for non-competitive bids, was 9.239% for the 182-day and 10.737% for 364-day Treasury Bills.This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 91-day Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs.4 Billion. The total number of bids received was 214 amounting to Kshs.5.33 Billion, representing a subscription of 133.14%. Total bids accepted amounted to Kshs.5.03 Billion. The market weighted average rate was 7.072%, and the weighted average of accepted bids which will be applied for non-competitive bids was 7.059% down from 7.161% in the previous auction.

Birrionea @rollout was there

10% of 100m is 9.5m a year less with holding tax. That’s Kes. 791K per month for doing nothing but scratching my balls. Sounds quite profitable to me.

Umetoa wapi 10%?
And even more important, utatoa wapi 100m?
I however agree it is more profitable than flats in kayole.

That is the difference between @wheelz and quasi investors. You see the big picture. Any market that offers 20% or so(what many expect) is bound to retrace back. Besides T bills are less risky compared to other investments like stock based unit trusts…

agreed mr wheels

For a person who can afford to invest 100m 791k is peanuts to him/her bring it closer to “us” ati you invest 100k or a mill for a profit of around 900 sh & 9000 p.m siwes jaribu

364 T bill is at 10%. You bid close to that average. They have a low subscription for a reason.

If you know what you are doing, $1m is capital you can come up with very simply.

FALSE. Flats in Kayole are still more profitable. I’d show you how, but I’d have to charge at 5% project fee.

791k is not peanuts to anyone. For doing nothing. Most people don’t put a value to their time.

What are 5 practical ways for an average kenyan to raise $1m? Average kenyan being one who makes 150K per month.

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ive seen a 14m house which charges 70k rent per month which works out to 840k pm.this is 5.6% per annum

average wage is way lower than 150k or what do u mean by average

Sorry to burst you bubble but only about 5% of Kenyans make that much. Now with 150k, unmarried you can sacrifice on show offs, save 100k per month for 10 months and boom! You have 1M.

KTalk average.

We are talking of $1m, sio kenya money. Na hio average ni ya ktalk.

Not a problem.
With the raised Kes1M, start a great business. Not this half baked stories akin to miraa fantasies. Give you business dedication and good time (plus 5 years) and you will be there. The god-damn fact that you are the top percent of Kenya means you have it in you to get there.

An average person cannot do it. Especially not on a salary.

But you said you can raise that amount easily.

It is not that easy. Have been in business for years na sijawai ata karibia huko. Not in kenya.