SYSTEMIC, INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM In The US. White woman who stole $250K gets probation, while Black woman who stole $40K goes to jail.

Alafu usikie ng’ombe ingin ikisema hakuna racism United Sodom of Gomorahh


Mnyonge hana haki. Hana. Racism is not unique to the US. It is eternal. Na haitaisha. Utado? Tutafanya nini nyeusi? Just go home, ulime shamba, uombe mungu, uzeeke, ukufe, uzikwe. We are always crying mzungu, mzungu, mzungu…cry babies. Inachosha.

The fact that systemic racism exist and has existed all along in USA is no longer in dispute, its a fact.

There is even a YouTube video that explains how it has worked its way into US government computerized AI system so that the systems output the same biases.


Niggeress must have been guilty of something anyways

Mwizi ni mwizi

Is this news? If a dog bites a person that’s not really news. When a man bites a dog then it’s Waoo!

You want us to feel pity for a thief…alishikwa shida ni yake ama umesahau chicken thief Kenya anaweza kula 5 years na watu wa nys billions bado wako nje ,Babu Owino shot someone yet ako nje.

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]You just defined the classism that ills kenya. The classism that ills Kenya is equal to the racism that ills America. Its good to see you can relate whats going on here and there

Labda huyo mzungu ni first time offender. Halafu nyeuthi ni serial law breaker.


Both had a clean past.


Alafu utapata white women wakilia about patriachy saying they are oppressed like black women. Right now white women are the most privileged ppl in the west.