Systematic genocide of Canadian indigenous exposed as Elizabeth II and Victoria statues are toppled

For hundred of years, indigenous children were forcibly separated from their parents and taken to residential schools where they were forced to convert to Christianity, banned from speaking their native languages, sexually abused, beaten and starved to death. They were buried in unmarked graves and their parents were never informed about the deaths of their children. This abuse lasted until 1970s.

Like the Australian government apologizing to already exterminated and extinct Tasmanian Aborigines in1997, Canadian government apologized in 2008 but remained tight-lipped about the whereabout of the lost children.

The mass graves are now being discovered one by one within the compounds of what used to be Indian residential schools throughout Canada. The latest discovery of 1000 remains in one school has led to demonstrations and toppling and desecration of the bronze statues of Britain’s current monarch and her great-great grandmother, Victoria, in Winnipeg Manitoba.




Alafu these are the people you worship their god.

maliza kabisa effigy za izo imperialist chieth. penda sana

Europeans have one motto:

Do your dirty business, wait for like 50 to 100 years, apologize, and do some charity to appease thy sins.

It worked in New Zealand,
It worked in Australia,
It worked in Canada,
It worked in Americas,
It appeased the sins of slavery,
It appeased the sins of colonialism,
It appeased the sins of Holocaust,
It will still work!

While France still continues to shaft Africa. Chuma yao iko kwa moto.

The white beasts who ravaged the world should be exterminated