System ni ya majambazi

Ruto jambazi, Weta Jambazi, Raila jambaziest! All these are thieves and fraudsters. Their hands are tainted with dirty money. Fake Gold inawagusa sana, this is just the tip of the iceberg, their clean money maybe amount to only Ksh 15 bob

This is considerably less than their salary though

Their misdeeds and the blood and suffering caused by them makes them worth less than 15 bob

Quantitatively their legal money is more than ksh 15.

Yer I know. I’m just demeaning them.

Okay…but their clean money is still more than ksh 15.

I actually think any avenue they have used including securing the jobs and business is flawed and such there is nothing clean about the politicians. And if you have ever eaten any politicians money you are not clean either.