syrian refugees begging in addis ababa


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Hawa wakikuja hapa Kenya utapata they will get a lot of help. Because they are yellow yellow and we Kenyans decided a long time ago that yellow yellow must always jump the line and be placed at the front in everything.
At work we see yellow yellow getting promotions faster even when their skills are not better than others

Hawa wakifika, wanaolewa mara that that, pale leafy suburbs.


But why Ethiopia though? Yaani waliona wasiende neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi etc. Si hata afadhali wangeenda Egypt banaa

When in such circumstances, I don’t think country choice is an option.

But check the distance btwn Syria and Addis? These pple pengine are not Syrians. They may be Sudan nationals.

Mh you got a point, they could be, not Syrians.
But remember alot of countries denied them entry.

These are mostly on UNHCR payroll and are trying to earn extra income on the side. BY the way Ethiopia recently granted all refugees in the country (including over 1 million south Sudanese) the freedom to work.

Wako wengi sana pale Turkey.

Sana. Wengi wako Turkey. They prefer Turkey than Europe b/c of religion

Yaani walipita Egypt na Sudan?

Wengine walivuka Norway na sweden juu huko wanaishi poa bila kufanya kazi