Syrian Civil War .Wangapi wamekua wakifuata hii conflict and which faction do you support ? which was the most memorable battle ?

I went from being a pro opposition ,pro YPG to a staunch pro Assad after seeing through the bullshit and propaganda .
Most impressive battle feats for me .

-Lifting of the Kuweires airbase siege (over 1000 young soldiers had been besieged by ISIS for 3 years and were being resupplied by airdrops .Daesh sent truck bomb after truck bomb,inghimasi after ingimashi but the indefatigable warriors of the Syrian Arab Army never gave up .Sadly only 300 were left by the time the siege was lifted .

  • Battle of Deir Ezzor - Msito Issa Zehredine surrounded by ISIS for 4 years held his own and never gave up until Col .Suheil Hassan swept through central Syria and linked with the besieged troops .

-Battle of Kobane -hapa ISIS were at the zenith of their strength and were routing everything and everyone in their way .The border town of Kobane was in their sight and they wanted to take it not for strategic but for propaganda purposes .ISIS brought its big guns and their most experienced Chechen fighters to do the job . Against all odds ,the Kurdish YPG with the help of American airstrikes withstood the Daesh ferocious daesh assault in street to street block to block house to house battles and finally emerged victorious .

-Lifting of the Aleppo Siege /retaking of Aleppo . Ahrar Al Sham and their allies attempted to lift the siege and were soundly beaten back and the siege tightened .This made it possible for Assad to retake the City and free much needed manpower needed for other offensives .All other areas begun to fall to msito Assad like dominos after this victory .It was embarrassing for the tanga tanga rebels seeing them give up fighting and shipped to Idlib in green kenya Mpya buses .

-Retaking of Ghouta .Hii area karibu na Damascus ilikua stronghold ya Ruto’s tanga tanga movement .Rockets were being lobbed into Damscus everyday and at one time ,the die hard tanga tanga rebels ,staged a chemical attack ostensibly to provoke Western intervention .Once Msito Hassan set his sight on this enclave ,it fell faster than shit kwa pit latrine .Damascenes could now sleep in peace .

Syria like most of the Arab world is just another shithole.

The battle of Aleppo was the most memorable to me. Do u have a link to combat footage.

I have 2 syrian friends, good guys who smoke and have a beer unlike the rest of the uptight Arabs. And very beautiful girls. It’s unfortunate a war engineered from outside had to break up their country. And Aleppo is one of the world’s most ancient cities sacked by invaders over the ages from the romans, the ottoman turks and all color of barbarians. Remember Saul was converted on the road to Damascus and became a follower of nabii Issa as Paul

I’m pro Assad because the war is all about the West wanting Syria’s resources, Assad hasn’t done anything wrong. I’m a Shia too so it makes sense to me.

On their day, these Chechen fighters are bad news

I have a friend working in Aleppo Syria

Assad kama sio Russia hangetoboa assault ya Isis. Lakini msito vile aliingilia Kati daesh waliona Moto. Russian used the war to test it’s new weapon. Mimi nilijua Assad ameshindwa vile jeshi wake waliingia mitini na kuhepa.
Reinforcement ya hizbollah,Iran na Russia ndio walisaidia yeye. Halafu Trump akaamua not to fund those rebel. Hivyo ndivyo Assad alitoboa.