syphilis before penicillin

[SIZE=6]The US govt infected blacks with syphilis and denied them treatment just to see the effects of the disease ![/SIZE]
[SIZE=7][SIZE=6][B]Tuskegee syphilis experiment[/B][/SIZE]

Sawa naniiii… Ala, lazima ushout?

So you want us to accept that we had no diseases and Europeans brought them to us?Danganya toto jinga

two lesson:

  1. Modern civilization and society was built by people wirh syphilitic madness. King George 1 had mental issues and he recalled that in the bible King Saul used music to deal with his stress so he commissioned Handel to compose songs for him and Handel composed Water Song. did he have syphilis?

  2. The devil has been against dwyfwy since the beginning of time.


hata wazungu always claim diseases came from elsewhere. the bubonic plague is claimed to have been picked up by traders and pirates in asia

Everyone had diseases, but Europeans did the work of mixing them up and spreading them. Today, they are everywhere. We couldnt spread anything because I guess we couldnt go far into the sea.

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and look at how they ended up? the quality of life iko juu tu sana
uende place kama France wiki mzima njuti zako hazijashika vumbi hata!
rudi kenya matope ndio zako.
it took them less than 100 years to get to where they are (after the world war)
sisi tuko tu, propping up tribalists and vowing to remain poor for as long as watu wetu wako in power


Team SJ should go for a test of the said infection. Ama hii ndio imefiatua @Kidinyi ?

does having diseases mean that we gave them others and they had no diseases? stop avoiding the issue. stop trusting whatever you read in the internet. sources of information to the contrary also exist. You do not have monopoly of knowledge, nobody has.

Since this is now a personal issue, Where do you get your better info that should be believed? If you got nothing to post, it doesnt mean i dont have. So should i believe what you tell me? No. Whatever I posted is for more that 2500 other people +guests. AND THE INTERNET KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO. And people always know something that you dont and that applies to everyone.

i never posted anything. And i never argue with stupid people like you. Fuck yourself

sawa sawa. jitombe pia mukubwa. have a goodnight.

well, this is childish…