syphilis before penicillin

just a flashback of what life was back then.
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The results of Congenital Syphilis before penicillin was discovered.
[SIZE=4]Photograph (1894) of the head of a man aged 39 years, who had contracted #syphilis 12 years previously
[ATTACH=full]28055[/ATTACH] [/SIZE]Tertiary syphilis would arise between three to 15 years after infection. By this time it would no longer be transmissible.

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scary shit

Painters, composers and genocidal maniacs – it takes all sorts to die of syphilis! In fact, about 15% of the earth’s population in the 19th century contracted the dreaded venereal disease at some point in their lives.

These days a positive STD test would lead to treatment for this curable disease but for many who contracted the disease in those days it could prove deadly. Here are the ten most famous historical characters suspected to have suffered from the sexually transmitted disease.

The Rich Ten

10. Al Capone

Al Capone was a successful Chicago gangster, infamous for bootlegging and gang warfare, but also imprisoned for tax evasion. His syphillis disease probably led to hallucinations, delusions, and volatility, which resulted in his fall from mob power. He died in 1947, at the age of 48, thin, sick, and with his money and legacy all gone down in shambles. The cause of death? A stroke!

9. Giacomo Casanova

Cassanova was an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice. In his autobiography, Casanova claimed to have used a condom made out of sheep’s gut and tied on with a tasteful pink ribbon. However, the sexually prolific Venetian adventurer and author wasn’t as careful as he could have been and, as a result, suffered frequent bouts of venereal diseases including syphilis.

8. Leo Tolstoy

The Russian literary giant, author of ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Karenina’ Leo Tolstoy suffered from syphilis during his youth, which was cured using arsenic treatment. In his novels, Tolstoy vividly examined the relationship between life and death.

7. Ivan the Terrible

Ivan’s sexual promiscuity with both sexes, his last illness and many features of his personality support a diagnosis of syphilis. It was often ‘treated’ with mercury and he died of mercury poisoning. However, it cannot be determined if Ivan’s terrible problems were physical or psychological, and with anonymous STD testing yet to be invented in Ivan’s era we may never find out the truth.

6. Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche was a nineteenth-century German philosopher and philologist who had a major influence on philosophy, particularly in existentialism and postmodernism. A popular, though hotly disputed, story about Nietzsche is that he went insane after being infected with syphilis.


Dang, guess it was the AIDS version back in the days.

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Population control (eugenics) at play here.

Waaa noma reminds me of the movie Cabin Fever.
Living with those wounds for years!!!

Naona mbona kitambo it was important to wait till marriage to have sex

hehehe the walking dead kando …scary shit!!

The tag on the third photo should read ‘alshababs head after filling it with shit, before bandaging it’

Syphilis was horrible. it would deform the head to the point one wasnt recognisable and the worms would attack the brain and you would go insane. The french or some other Europeans picked it up from south america on an expedition, same to jiggers. Before penicillin things were very bad. When you went to war and got deep wounds, you would rot to death.
People never lived long those days(dont be fooled by your granny’s tales of people living to 150). Without innoculation for viral diseases and antibiotics, death en masse was the norm. If you read stories of people such as those Europeans who have a written history, most of them never lived long. Edgar Allan poe, his mother and some other relatives wre all killed prematurely by TB over a course of years(slow death). Mozart diet at 37., beethoven at 56. same for so many other people dueto bacterial diseases. its not that these are the only people who suffered this fate, but they are some of the only people whose history is detailed and well preserved.

the other thing is that strong antibiotics took time to develop and meanwhile people were suffering with stuff like this. The US military developed versions of penicillin by testing it on black individuals who had been secretly injected with the syphilis worm in Tuskegee while lying to them that it was a sort of good treatment.They also conducted it in Guatemala.
Thats why I believe there is a case for those people who complained about government over-innoculating children with a suspicious substance. Wamama nao wakiskia dawa inapeanwa wanakimbiza mtoto huko.


utamu wa hako kashimo isnt overrated

I think jungus have suffered for long than any other race.
All those wars Europe have gone thru, and all the oppressive leaders that have ruled in continental Europa.
Top that with some serious diseases, the common jungus have started to enjoy improved quality of life in the 20th century.
I stood to be corrected though.

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hehehe ivan was crazy. nero was also crazy is also said to have had it. Nero is also said to have been sleeping with his mother, who he killed later. crazy people.

i beg to differ,
jungus ndio walipeleka hizi maugonjwa kila mahali walienda.

Ni ukweli. Even those who went to places like america and other places went there because homeland became untenable and they never looked back.

5. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini exploited a grenade wound in the First World War to cover up syphilis, according to research which would explain the Italian dictator’s uncharacteristic refusal to boast about his heroism at the front. The syphilis theory fits with rumours which circulated in Italy during his rule – and his chronic gastric problems, a symptom of the sexually transmitted disease.

4. Henry VIII

Why did Henry VIII have so many wives and mistresses yet so few children? What caused the Tudor monarch’s descent into mental instability and physical agony in the second half of his life? The gradual mental deterioration and paranoia which Henry VIII developed as he grew older was possibly the result of late stage syphilis. However, This well known theory was probably first promoted about 100 years after his death. We will only be able to know for sure if Queen Elizabeth II allows researchers to unearth his body and to do some tests.

3. Ludwig von Beethoven

Whether Beethoven actually had syphilis has been debated for centuries. Since anonymous STD testing was not permitted at that time we probably will never be able to determine whether Beethoven had the disease or not. However, the composer was known to associate with escorts, and propagators of the theory often claim that the disease is what caused him to become deaf. Beethoven was also rumored to be autistic which may have contributed to his mental health problems.

2. Adolf Hitler

Third Reich historians argue that an encounter with an escort in Vienna in 1908 may have given Hitler neuro-syphilis and provided the ‘deadly logic and blueprint for the Holocaust’ as well as giving him a reason to attempt to eliminate the mentally ill. This evidence is currently supported by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The speculation came about after Hitler’s personal doctor, Theo Morrell, expressed his own suspicion in his private diary. But the theory has never been rigorously examined. But if Hitler’s life is looked at through the lens of a syphilis diagnosis, one clue leads to another until a pattern of infection and progressive infection emerges.

1. William Shakespeare

It’s long been speculated that Shakespeare was infected with syphilis. While we may never know 100%, many literary scholars and biologists have taken a look at his writings for clues to his link to this disease. During the Elizabethan era syphilis was an extremely common disease, so it is not unreasonable to suggest Shakespeare might of had syphilis. In the February 2005 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Dr. John Ross MD argued Shakespeare’s descriptions of syphilis were medically accurate, suggesting an intimate knowledge of the pain and discomfort of syphilis as only a sufferer could know. One such allusion can be found in Sonnet 154 in which the Bard speaks of “Love’s fire heats water”.

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Not syphilis. They picked it up from south america same to jiggers. Ata ukimwi walikujia huku wakasambaza. They spread the deadly and scary small pox though. Syphilis is also known as the great pox

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“I stand to be corrected”.

What could have led to the emergence of syphilis in the first place? There’s a belief that HIV was engineered. What about other STIs like syphilis?

why do you sound so certain as if you are sure yet what you say here can only be speculation at best?