Syombua and her babies laid to rest

May God receive their souls into eternal glory. A year ago Syombua went to Katoloni to pray as she felt deeply troubled. Wapendwa if you know you are a believer to a point that uneza enda prayer mountain usiingie kwa Maisha ya dhambi bcz the devil will surely finish you. God has no rejection for children but God can reject a man or woman for your protection. Ukienda milimani don’t go to force or beg God to do things your way because God will never change His standards of how He said things should be done for you hata ufunge siku 40. I know it is hard to live by God’s standards but it’s for our good and our protection always. God is not benefiting anything. It’s so painful how a believer can come to such a bad end but when you are a believer you automatically become a target bcz the devil will not bother those who are already on the road to hell. I know if she went to the mountain God spoke to her but the devil misled even Jesus disciples so usipoamua kuskiza Roho wa Mungu liwe liwalo you don’t stand a chance. Steal, kill and destroy. RIP. God help us do things the right way

Nuggets of wisdom:

  1. If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone
  2. Least, do not mock your husband.

Syombua was obviously a very nice and pleasant lady. But there probably were folks (women-folk for that matter) mis-advising her and controlling her, taking advantage of her niceness.

I’m a Christian but when it comes to these heinous crimes I believe in the rules of Moses. Kwanza this Mugure guy invited his family to Nanyuki to kill them.
Genesis 9:6
“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.
[SIZE=5]Leviticus 24:17 [/SIZE]
“Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.
[SIZE=5]Exodus 20:13 [/SIZE]
“You shall not murder.
[SIZE=5]Exodus 21:12 [/SIZE]
“Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death.

No excuse whatsoever for one to kill his wife and kids. Still, the courts should award reasonable child support. Like i feel if the major had been deducted like 15k or 20k, he wouldn’t have felt it. But 70k? the nigger starts to feel it and eventually blows up.

How much was Syombua awarded? I don’t know if I can hate a woman strong enough to hurt my own children.

Hii dunia ukitaka kukuwa nice to men prepare to suffer properly and die like a chicken before your time. The best and first advice she should have taken was never have sex with any man who has not paid the bill in full. In fact wachana na sex even touching you. She could have been married to a wealthy man in a lavish wedding and her kids going to high schools not a useless dog that haezi hata Lipa mahari anataka umzalie na umlele watoto free.

If you are a mother of girls here uwafunze not to cheapen themselves ama watufunzwa na ulimwengu. Men it’s either you be ruthless to them or it’s them who will be ruthless to you. The choice is yours. Teach your daughters not to entertain poor men bcz these are the only results.

@TrumanCapote, Abraham begged God to save some people ile time ya Lot, right? Also many families have kids through premarital sex then formalize their union and things go well. Halafu how many families live in slums and still stand the test of time? Ni mob. How many rich men are in the country for the women to get married to? Poverty ni ngumu kumaliza due to many factors and has been around for ages, this doesn’t mean people shouldn’t marry or have emotions of affection. Not everything should be demonized, and not every man too.

Ruthlessness directed at either men or women won’t solve anything. The root cause of all this social insanity is deep. Let’s teach boys and girls values that will hold society together and promote respect for all. Emasculating men and labelling them dogs, in the name of seeking equality, and belittling women other hand solves 0.

Life is ruthless. If you are in doubt ask the 100 women who have been ruthlessly killed this year by men they thought loved them. When I say dump a broke man like a ton of bricks I am told that I am ruthless but isn’t the real reason this lady and her innocent children had to die the fact that this man was technically broke after paying maintenance for his children? , to peMost women are oblivious to the fact until the worst happens to them. I don’t know if asking a man to raise his own progeny is nowadays called emasculation.

This world nothing comes for free. Children are most definitely anything but free. That’s the only value you need to understand. If all women were just as selfish as men are we would not have all these problems. But women want to give men, company, time, romance, sex and even kids free then they are shocked when a man expects the children to raise themselves.

If a man can’t afford to pay a good dowry for your hand and do a church wedding, he can’t afford you, he can’t afford kids, he can’t afford your time let alone other things that are reserved for responsible men of means who can hold their own in the material world. A broke man is an angry man. So women should just not give these losers the time of day. But you got women cohabiting with them, and having kids with them. A broke man is worse than an animal. He can kill his own seed to save money is how much of an animal. In Coast they sell their kids 5 years old to mzungu for 5k. Have nothing to do with them. They are the devil literally. Don’t even talk to them bcz that’s where it all begins. They are emasculated by their brokenness and they will take it all out on you and your kids.

The Bible which is the Supreme Authority on any matter under the sun says. A MAN WHO DOES NOT PROVIDE FOR HIS FAMILY IS WORSE THAN AN INFIDEL. So when a woman is patronizing a man who cannot provide properly you are even sinning against God bcz the Bible says do not be unequally yoked with non believers. For what unity do light and darkness have.

@TrumanCapote I’m not against child support. It has to be set at a reasonabl amount though in accordance to the man’s and woman’s earnings. I guess ‘broke’ should have a value pegged to it. People in slums are poor and still manage to raise kids well. Other people are rich but money doesn’t solve their problems. As for emasculation, child support ain’t part of it. I meant there’s a difference between how boys are being brought up now, and decades ago. Men are being shown they are evil and unwanted, and meaningless in society. A woman can do crazy shit and blame the man, who will end up in jail coz ‘men are dogs’. No one will even listen to him.

Nobody can show you anything about yourself because as a man thinks so is he. This issue of always shifting blame to others for the people we become is redundant. Personal responsibility is a thing. Let me tell you a very harsh truth that you never hear. If you refuse to take control of your life and the government comes in, you can be sure that you will not be happy with whatever they come up with because they are not your mother and they don’t owe you anything. A good example is foster car abroad, you leave your kids unattended they go out to the streets and get knocked down. The state takes your kids into foster homes. Your kids are molested and abused in foster care worse than the small negligence on your part. They may even die in the foster house. That’s government for you and that’s why you as an adult should keep government from becoming involved in your business. Keep them away by being responsible.

I don’t know in which world men are unwanted and meaningless. Certainly not in the one I live in. Men are the presidents, the rulers, the popes and everything good and valuable in society .Its a man’s world literally. Men have privileges women can only dream of but they chose to be dogs and do the vilest things Inspite of all the privileges they are born with.

Poverty turns men into monsters because men are not socialised to accept being powerless. And a man with no money is full of rage and frustration and depression bcz he’s powerless. A hungry man is an angry man.

Hii dunia ukitaka kukuwa nice to men prepare to suffer properly and die like a chicken before your time.

This man is to blame 300%. Remember this?


In the 21st century, what gender roles have changed and which ones have remained static, coz there’s much double standards being applied? Kuna roles watu hawataki ziguzwe, lakini mwenzako wataka asukumiwe kila jukumu nawe uwe huru kutofanya majukumu yako.