Symone Williams :Why Men should not get custody of kids

The same way Im against single Moms remarriage or even dating in front of their kids. It’s even worse when the dad gets custody.

contrary to your feminazi beliefs which you normally reinforce inside your head after smoking di ganja, most men love their children ,even when they hate their wives, they still love their kids

Maiko, most KT men do not love their kids. Always trying to bail out of simple things like child support. Jameni.

there is a difference between paying money to a woman, who also has a husband paying for her needs and loving your children

If they have a choice between paying child support and keeping the kid, they will take the kid to avoid paying the mother child support. It’s after staying with the kid that they realise kumbe the mother was doing alot for the kid that they’re not willing to sacrifice. That’s when out of frustration abuse starts. Women have a special grace to raise their children. Men wakipewa hio kazi watakuua na stress to the point of killing the kid.

Just pay the child support pls. Don’t bother with anything else. What you guys do is confuse child support and wife maintenance. Lipia mtoi and 18 years fly quick.

Why don’t you file for sole custody of your child if you don’t want other men loving them and you don’t want to pay child support to your baby momma bcz it may benefit her and you wouldn’t want to see that. Just take your children and leave her to start fresh with her new husband.

Truedat. But a sensible man with his brain screwed on should know that the more he picks up his child for stay overs, the less he has to pay for child support. No matter which way we look at this situation, the more we go back to ngeos wafunge miguu and avoid dryfry manenos. That is my message to my nieces.

Telling them ateee ex to start afresh? this is what they don’t want to hear in the 1st place!!! He will even refuse to pick his kids up akifikiria ana a man. How many times have my ngeos stood me up because baby daddy did not turn up to pick the kids? Just because he had cottoned on ako na mpango somewhere…

Because this is Kenya. Acha kucheza hiyo game. in kenya, a woman can go away for nine years and the moment she takes you to children’s court, she is given the child.