Symbolic handing over of the baton to Gideon paves way for an epic political duel with DP Ruto

The symbolic passing of retired President Daniel Moi’s political baton to his youngest son, Gideon Moi, formally sets the stage for a bruising battle between the Baringo senator and Deputy President William Ruto for the vote-rich Rift Valley electoral base.

The State funeral at Kabarak turned at the tail end of it as a coronation of the junior Moi, who is also the national chairman of the former ruling party Kanu — a position previously held for decades by his father.

And with that simple act, the Rift Valley region now has two de facto political kingpins — DP Ruto and Senator Moi.

It now remains to be seen whether the younger Moi, who formally stepped into his father’s giant political shoes, has the wherewithal to wear them.
Nevertheless, it is expected that the fight for control of the vote-rich Rift Valley between Dr Ruto and Mr Moi will eventually spill over to the national stage with the two expected to gun for the presidency in 2022.

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and now enter the non-kalenjin Kalenjin experts. step aside non-kyuk kyuk experts

Mayb the rungu means he’ll be a watchman…

No battle here. Gideon is no match for Ruto. He was just eating from his father’s big spoon which is no more.

My friend, you are greatly mistaken. Even with Moi alive, Ruto was the Political Kingpin. Look Isaac Ruto-who thought he was a Rift Valley Kingmaker…He is now singing Rut tunes…

Ruto is a Chessmaster, a political student of a higher pedigree who crafted himself from nothing to something. He wrestled Rift Valley from Gideon Moi as Moi was still alive. In 2012, I know that all these Rift Politicians opposing Ruto will jump into his bandwagon. Tuulize sisi who we live in the Rift, we know Ruto and not Gideon ndio kusema…

Btw I don’t like either of them. This is an observation

He’s now the owner of the big spoon.
Moi chose him to inherit both his wealth and political mantle ahead of the rest of the siblings.

Are you insinuating that Doctari Gideon is a passing cloud? … Just like his father, Moi, some decades ago?

There are NO elections in Kenya just SELECTIONS. Don’t be surprised to swear in Gideon Moi in 2002, deep state have to install their own puppet to protect their ill gotten loot.

They said Moi was just a passing cloud, he hang over them for a quarter of a century and was still ruling Kenya from his hospital bed.

Doctari can’t fit into his father’s shoes.He is no match for Dr Ruto in Rift Valley. No contest here

You cannot inherit political clout, sio pesa. Gideon has money and we respect him, but Ruto has the people, the masses, Gideon should finance Ruto for assured protection, otherwise opponents wa Ruto watadanganya Gideon wakule pesa yake

Rather a passed cloud with the death of his dad

Armchair political analyst