I met Sylvia about 15 years ago. I liked her from the start, her big frame, her natural hair, her flawless dark skin. She was attending the School of Law in Karen.

Many times, I would go and wait for her at the gate in my beat-up pick-up, a Peugeot 504. I must have spent a small fortune on phone bills too.

We never got to ferk though, coz every time I told her I loved her she would laugh it off and tell me to get serious. I was frustrated.

One night, robbers attacked their home in South C. They raped my Sylvia and did other awful things to her.

I remember her telling me every detail, tears in her eyes, of what they did and I felt so mad and helpless. As she took her PEP, I was there for her. I picked her from school at least two times a week and sent her SMSes all the time. It almost broke my other relationship (s).

Time heals everything, and Sylvia learnt to fly again. The glow came back and she started to laugh. She also finished her studies.

My frustration with her got the better of me and we lost touch.

The next I heard she had hooked up with a young boy, a total loser, and she was pregnant. My Sylvia. She had refused all my efforts only to hook up with a loser who beat her up every other day.

Six years ago she called it quits with the loser and almost immediately got into another relationship. She became pregnant again, and the guy bolted.

So my Sylvia now is a singo matha of two, Tutsi and Hutu (different fathas).

Now, yesterday something funny happened. She called me and asked to take her for dinner. I agreed. I needed the distraction, and yes, I wanted to see her.

I took her to this Chinese place near Yaya and we talked for hours. I for one wanted to find out why she never ever felt anything for me.

The long and short of it is that she told me I was never serious with her. That she always thought I was joking. I was bewildered. Kwani all the efforts I put she thought it was for what?

Then she told me that back then, she was young and made mistakes, such as the loser who used to beat her. She told me that she was now lonely, and could do anything to go back in time to get a good man who would love her. She dropped hints that she was now available to me.

As I chewed on a prawn and sipped my red, I felt sad for my Sylvia. Time is a bitch, and 42 and two kids ain’t a good place to be for a woman.

And yet, there’s a kacertain sense of satisfaction I feel inside, I confess.

I mended her wings when she was down. I took her through PEP (back then, in 2007, it was awful) I called her. Countless times I waited at the gate of her school and drove her home. And all for what?

Only for her, a full lawyer, to leave me high and dry for a loser who abused her. And then hook up with yet another man and get his kid. Again.

Perhaps karma is a bitch, or am just a sore loser.

One thing I know though. The love I once felt for Sylvia is kinda of gone.

May be.



Shit, I feel like a loser myself.

Well written.

Niaje, Rtd Kanol Mugambi. Bang that bish for old-time sake

Ebu changia whether I am a loser or not? How can this woman want to play with me like this, eti sasa vile options zake zimeisha ndio ananitaka…

ur writing skills r on point

I don’t know who is the loser in this scenario. You wanted her to be wife number?

Good for you. Ulitenda wema ukaenda zako. Now she is back. For a second round. Of taking advantage.

Kwetu mbuzi, bibi na watoto hawahesabiwi…

It’s a bit evil but I can relate.its only human.
There is one who left me for a Naija and another Naija then a jungu.
She even miscarried two of my kids when I was busy pursuing her but I wasn’t driving big cars like the Naijas.
Two boys down the road and at 40, she won’t give me peace ati turudiane.
The boys wamemsumbua kazi ni police station kila siku juu ya drugs.etc

I listen to her with sympathy but there is a monster inside me saying… “YETO!!!”

It’s human!

Issa trap

My girlfriend of 4 years went to KU and since I didn’t go to university she left me for a campus guy. She got pregnant and the guy left. The kid is three and she keeps disturbing. She wants us back together but I’m past that though I still love her…

It’s time to move on

He he he tuambie tu unagloat coz she hit a bad patch.

You are not a loser. Her actions are a perfect example of human nature. Hindsight is always 20/20

How is it you have experienced everything under the sun?

You know that’s what hurts me. TWO KIDS imagine. With different fathers. Halafu mimi niingie kwa mix aje sasa…

Actually, she’s doing very well professionally…very big practice.

Don’t look back don’t think about that bitch… She’s looking for someone to put her frustrations on…

Don’t think about her

Sometimes I ask myself that question.
I actually find it hard to relate to other people because I find people’s lives really boring I can’t relate.
And I’m being serious now.

The ferk is wrong with you people?
This is a bull and crap story I would expect from M2Random and all you can regurgitate is ‘ferking writing skills’ since that’s what talkers say about the impotent (Yes, Sylvia doesn’t have his kid) old man?
Style up ferkers.

You just didn’t give her the tingles. She felt no attraction to you and sadly attraction is not something that can be won by doing good deeds like you did for her. The guy you are calling a loser used to make her pussy wet and that’s how it is. Now that the alpha males refused to settle with her despite her trying to trap them by getting paged, she now looking for the beta bucks (you) as the last resort.

Son @Mzee mzima come for your hormonal cow. It’s menstruating all over…