Sylvanus Olympio - Africas Forgotten Son

Sylvanus Olympio is likely the most smart president Africa ever have had. An economist graduate from the the London School of Economics, he went on to wage the best political and legal war against the French in Togo and repeatedly outsmart them to bring Togo to its independence in 1960 after Ghana, Guinea and Cameroon had done the same in Subsaharan Africa.

His fall came with his lack of understanding of the importance of the military and negligent on the matter. On December 12, 1962, the government of Togo enacted a new law voted by the Parliament to create the Togo central bank, which would print Togo own currency, automatically withdrawing the country from the French colonial currency CFA. On January 1st 1963, the law was made public through the official journal of the state. On the 10th of January 1963, the printing of the local currency had started. On January 13, 1963, two days before Sylvanus OLYMPIO scheduled public announcement of the currency, a squad of French legionnaire headed by Étienne Eyadema Gnassingbe, the father of the current president of Togo, assassinated the president and their first decision was to destroy the currency setup and cancel the roll out.

Below is an excerpt of the law setting up the central bank of Togo.


A French orchastrated Coup.

France is the bane of many west and north African countries !

Here is Sylvanus Olympio Togo government with the late Haile Selassie. Look how proud African the government was, and was one of the most competent one in Africa at its time before it was ousted. This is the African that we want, one which appriciates respect its african identity and the competence of state. Today its ruled by monkeys in suits with a dynasti family in charge with support from french and where people are suffering from poverty.


all they have to do is unite pamoja and tell france wajaribu waone , …we are talking of 15 countries , each with their armies . …after that explosion in lebanon , france president lectured them jana like a parent , nilioboeka aje ? …anyways france is smart if it managed to keep their colonies till the 21st century…some guy in italy said that if france looses it’s colonies today , they will be a third world country , this is motivation enough to unite , from haiti to cameroon , togo to tunisia…but africans will never unite even to save themselves …shame

Did you see what Daesh in the Sahel did in MALI? They were in the outskirts of Bamako until the french “came to the rescue”

I think the same fate would befall the others… among other things.



Why do you think the mali conflict started? It was a result of nato operation led by France and U.K with support from U.S to attack lybia.

When you see [SIZE=4]france , u.K and uSA[/SIZE] in one sentence , just know that ‘democracy’ is about to be served to some black , brown or yellow country for selfish reasons…


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