SWOT analysis for dairy production and marketing in Kenya

Because various aspects of the dairy value chain have been the subject of numerous other studies and
analysis over the past decade, a preliminary SWOT analysis was carried out in consultation with various dairy sector experts to determine the most critical gaps and constraints within the value chain and to identify areas where further data collection, research, and analysis were needed to prioritize interventions.

Based on this SWOT analysis below, field surveys, focus group discussions (FGDs), and key informant interviews were carried out to update outdated information, validate secondary sources, and particularly to obtain primary information.
[li]Low unit cost of production[/li][li]Favorable production conditions[/li][li]High farm income margins[/li][li]Dairy animals are household assets[/li][li]High supply potential with increasing investment in production and trading[/li][li]Availability of dairy herd/breeding stock[/li][li]Established private and public vet services delivery system[/li][li]Large installed processing capacity[/li][/ul]
[li]Limited knowledge/technical know-how among farmers and services providers[/li][li]Inadequate supply of inputs[/li][li]Poor condition of roads and erratic power supply[/li][li]High cost of capital investment[/li][li]Poor access to support services[/li][li]High cost of labor, and low labor productivity[/li][li]Highly perishable products due to limited preservation and processing[/li][li]Low adoption of technologies and innovation[/li][li]Inadequate regulation and/or weak enforcement of regulations[/li][li]Ineffective and inefficient knowledge, information, communication systems[/li][li]Inadequate diagnostics laboratories and equipment[/li][li]Weak capacity for market research[/li][li]Limited facilities for and inefficient milk collection[/li][/ul]
[li]Expanding domestic and regional markets[/li][li]Major potential to increase milk yields[/li][li]Improvements in milk handling technology[/li][li]Extension services[/li][li]Fodder production[/li][li]Expansion to non-traditional and peri-urban production areas[/li][li]Employment opportunities, especially for the youth[/li][li]Large installed and new feed processing capacity[/li][li]Strong production research system[/li][li]Expanding financial, technical services[/li][li]Political support and goodwil[/li][/ul]
[li]High cost of feed and services[/li][li]Changing climate patterns[/li][li]Inadequate and poor quality inputs[/li][li]Poor quality and unsafe milk[/li][li]Increasingly scarce land[/li][li]Diseases & pests[/li][li]Increasing competition from EAC and developed country imports[/li][li]Stringent food safety regulations[/li][li]Declining animal genetics[/li][li]Environmental concerns[/li][/ul]
CREDIT: http://www.farmerstrend.co.ke/swot-analysis-dairy-production-marketing-kenya/

Kiambaa Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society is in the process of expanding its operations.

With these new and exciting developments, we are seeking highly motivated applicants for the following new positions.

  1. Marketing Executives (3 Posts)

Job Responsibilities

· In charge of the Marketing society’s dairy products.
· To identify potential customers and advising the management on the best strategies to be competitive
· Carry out market research on the position of the society’s products in the eyes of the customers and recommending to the management on areas of improvement for the products to remain relevant in the market
· To identify, retain and expend new markets for the society’s products to continuously guarantee stable profits
· To conduct proper analysis of the market so as to avoid rejects of the society’s products.
· Liaise with the milk quality assurance department to ensure the society’s products are of the highest quality, in proper quantity and form.
· Liaise with the accounts department to make sure that all the proceeds from society products sales are remitted immediately and for credit customers, proper documentation is maintained for timely debt collection.


· Degree or Diploma in Marketing
· 5 years’ experience in dairy products marketing
· 5 years driving experience
· Good analytical skills and firmness in decision making and report writing.

  •                Strong communication skills with ability to communicate to different levels of the organization structure.
  1. Internal Auditor

Job Responsibilities

· Maintaining an Internal Audit Charter and implementing appropriate audit programs to deliver high quality internal audit services
· Performing risk assessments on key business activities and using this information to guide on the audit scope and preparing annual audit plan
· Conducting audit activities; financial and operational as well as special investigations whenever required
· Preparing regular reports to the Board of Directors and management on the audit activities findings and agreeing recommendations to make improvements on areas of weaknesses and making follow-ups on implementation
· Advising the management on overall risk management of the company
· Assessing how well the business is complying with rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing
· Evaluating whether internal controls are adequate and operating effectively
· Safeguarding company’s assets
· Managing a variety of stakeholders and their expectations through regular communications


· CPA(K) and Diploma in business course
· 5 years auditing experience. (Having experience in internal audit of food industry is an added advantage)
· Strong Communication with fluency in English both written and spoken
· Strong report writing and analytical skills.

Interested applicants can send their cover letter, CV and their testimonials on or before 18th December 2017 addressed to HR Officer through [email protected]