Swindled 100k Ladies this is a must watch

Who are these women who give men money, as in 100k dollars? Lemme tell you, I don’t care if you are Brad Pitt, my shophalic tendencies won’t allow me to give anyone even a quarter of this money, sometimes being a spendthrift actually has advantages apart from getting you into debt but I know for a fact that giving a man 500 Bob is a big deal bcz that voice will be like and that perfume, bag or that shoe you’ve been wanting? Wah. People are strong. Yaani I can’t imagine instead of going shopping nikupatie pesa yangu ati bcz I am looking for love which other love do I need in this world other than the love of money? Which one? . Aki siwesmeki. We kaa na mapenzi yako nikae na pesa zangu. Kila mtu arudi kwao.