A 31 yo boy was in a restaurant with his wife then he decided to do this… He’s been charged with sexual battery, after being forced to apologize and kicked out of the restaurant. I love this waitress


If he was in a nice suit and looking like money or a celebrity, she would have sucked his deek.

Maliar na double standards zao nawelewa.

Eh Kapote!!!

If he was a celebrity a nice lawyer in a nice suit would be chasing her to get damages mzuri.

So what makes her a Malaya exactly? Being a waitress in a pizza joint or what?

I love how boys like you who talk down to women get beachslapped and cry after holding your small weenies to show off vile nyi ni ndume. Big mouth. Bigger coward.

[QUOTE=“TrumanCapote, post: 3478059, member: 24527”

So what makes her a Malaya exactly? [/QUOTE]

Coz I know how women respond to various kind of men.