sweet revenger or kunguru instinct?

A friend, who is a senior climber asked me how to track his wife’s phone comms. I discouraged him but he could not hear me. I told him what he does not know will not kill him, and after all, he is climbing outside in peace. The wife is the non-quarrel some characters, no fights or arguments, a ‘dove’ literaly. I went ahead and suggested WhatsApp cloning via the desktop app, and he did just that. after just some days of following comms chini ya maji, the truth comes with fine details. khupipi hupigwa mti na mhindi fulani, tena nyama kwa nyama. he is having a hard time believing it… he regrets tracking her, but he can’t get to terms noting he has already been caught by wife twice in the past and forgiven. how do I help him get around reality… these silent humble wives can be the real kungurus, or just sweet revengers

wife should sit at home mtu atafute pesa. Period.

Cucked mathafaka. Atulize kwa plantation and a organise na mhindi vile watakua wanashare bibi.

just because you cheated or continually cheating doesnt allow a man to be unable to kick out a cheating wife. Afukuze hiyo burukenge

old-established that the synonym to
A friend =me
Anyway, these things happen. most of us have been in the place of the Mhindi, it is just a matter of when is my turn.

MGTOW kick the kunguru out of the house

kumangiwa na mhindi ni kuwekwa chumvi kwa kidonda , that 1 fact is enough for her to go back to her people !!

hehe, i like the way you are thinking. wangu aliumwa kitambo nikiwa business trip majuu na nikaleta hekaya huku in my very old first generation handle. am on my fifth handle in the village.

Boss, you dont even talk anything with an easily fuckable wife…rudisha yeyey kwao

What action did you take

revenge -went on a fucking spree. niliuma sis and three kungurus who were flirting including a married one, in span of three months. its never worth cutting off someone’s genitals or ears… coz of a pussy that was eaten and returned home.

I hate stupid people who snoop in phones. Of course you will find something there, everyone has secrets. Maybe even you’ll find a secret that’s not related to you, alafu sasa ianze kukukula akili bure. That’s why I never even lock my phone, wewe angalia kama unataka, just know once you do it and find my secrets, we’re through

:smiley: its just the way things are. When you actually realize you have little control on how things turn up, you remain a man at peace with himself.

Hapa nafaa kulipa ngapi???

have you just admitted that you didnt kick her out?

yes, i did not kick her out, i never insinuated i would kick her out. kicking a woman out coz she has been eaten has more repercussions than the joy of sampling many others as revenge. at times we overreact.

By the time you are placing Apps to snoop on your wife, you already know that she’s cheating on you. You will just kill yourself or someone. If you get to that point, it’s better to walk.

it is easier said than done.I think when you are in the same house with a woman, instinctively you will find yourself doing things which generally as a man you have always advocated against.

let us just have a serious one on this.do you really think the answer is to kick out the cheating wife?

There are no options. You kick her out you kick her out you kick her out

how many will you kick out in your liftime?because for sure lazima uta chezwa.There is a strategy on how to treat a cheating woman.Women just as men will most def fuck outside marriage.There has to be a strategy on how to deal with it.I Like the strategy implored the main actor on Ozark.