Sweet Revenge.Leteni Experience.



Best revenge Niku ingia mkia bila lube

Ala ala ala:D:D:D

inakaa uwongo but enjoyable:D:D:D

That’s pure horseshit

“Time spent on Revenge is not wasted.” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Ha ha ha


Hizi streets kuna psychopaths wengi sana.

Si uongo, I Know a guy who went as far as setting up a fake hiring agency ya kupeleka watu majuu complete with an office and secretary just so he could get back at his ex and her sister by conning them. Vyenye aliwacon akafunga ofisi na akaendelea na maisha.

There’s no sweeter feeling than having a solid and well thought out revenge plan and then watching everything fall into place.

The thugs oshayad their rungus…and the manure truck driver too…i used to know of a certain lanye who never used to pay fare to Nairobi, she would seek lift in those return trucks and the driver and turn boy would osha their rungus on the way…

Another ktalk linguistics… I know of= my cousin= my friend=me

Wewe ndio turn boy ama kadere??



Waaah… This is inhuman!!

labda akubali alituma fare

Unnecessary and petty, I say move on silently like an odourless fart

So ukiona nyap inashine imetoka kuchimbwa? We learn new things every day here