Sweet mama


Hii nalamber

Disclaimer: Power of Usain, endurance of Kipchoge required!!

tamu , siezi mind kuchapa kadoggie

The kinda lady I like. Looking super decent…but manages to show the curves in the most sexist ways. Yaani anacheza both sides & still looking foxy.

Napiga magoti nyuma yake and you know what I do next. Siwezi lipa more than 150

they say she is voluptuous…

She works at ABSA bank –PHOTOs


Outstanding … :D:D:D

postwall but tutampea exemption

Petite any day any time.

The cellulite, smell and stretchmarks hidden there will shock you

What kind of circles do you move around in …???
This kind of figure is “money” …:D:D


Exactly what some of us look for in a woman, with the exception of the smell ofcourse

Most Definitely …:D:D