Sweet ladyboy

A friend of mine in Dubai alikamua huyu ladyboy from Thailand
Anauza 50$ per shot.Let me try this end month pia[ATTACH=full]280750[/ATTACH]


Uncle @uwesmake amejificha kwa choo ya ofisi saa hii tu. Very busy trying to place a call to that number.

Ubaya hio choo ikuwe haina network…

Tupende puthy tafasali.

There is something you need to know,there is nothing like ladies with penises,just men with penises who have taken oestrogen.You are as gay as hell.Chomoka from the kabati pole pole bila kusumbua.


Ati “a friend” yeah right.Sema tu mwanaume amekunyambilia dick


Kuja na hekaya

kitu swafi

tomba kuma ya mamamako


Hizi ni zile hekaya za “asking for a friend” .

Now that you love your bread buttered on both sides…

Actually there exists females with both a deek and pssy. Many years ago in high school I a watched an adult film where the dude was smashing a shemale. Pssy was just below the abnormally large deek. They both seemed to enjoy.

Yaani kale kaswali kalikuuma ivo sasa utashinda ukifwata uwes?:eek::smiley:

more like men with boobs

pasuliwa grip bila kusumbua kijiji.

His name is Salome …
And to me , …
An object of great Pity …


How in GODs name does any biological man decend to this disgusting level …???

u fagget?

The argument goes on and on and on …

No doubt , at first glance , many Lady Boys look attractive in a Feminine sort of way…

But for myself , and many others , it stops right there …:eek::rolleyes: