Sweet JESUS ..!

This is the stuff of very Good Dreams …!!:bouquet::two_hearts::fire:

tafuta kazi mluhya mjinga


Huwa anapanguza matako aje?

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A level headed heterosexual man would never be caught dead saying “sweet Jesus”. You need to issue a clarification immediately.


So I can’t say gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaademit!!! either?

Vile huwa Tu unapanguza

If you say it while flexing and thumping chest gorilla style ni sawa, but if you feel the urge to say it in a shrill voice followed by a coquettish giggle, with one hand on the waist and the other in the kettle position, I have very bad news for you …


Asin akisquat kwa choo, the big pieces of blubber obviously get pulled down by gravity, so akiklunia mafi inaguza sidewalls. Alafu mikono yake sio mrefu so haezi rudisha na huko nyuma apanguze. How does she wipe hygienecally?

Rexx buana!! That woman is unhealthy

Coquettish tena? You must be a dim eye

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Learn Igrich buana.

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Siwezimind kupanguza na ulimi

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lol_idi_amin (2022_01_12 09_34_18 UTC)

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Engrich naachia nyinyi njaruo. Wacha Ile kidogo najua nipambane nayo. FYI I know the word,just surprised you understand genteel English…but meh!