Sweet Edday

The One and Only …
Edday Nderitu AKA Mrs: Muchoki … :D:D

Who is she

Someone answer this fellow … :D:D

bibi ya afande

kitambi bigi kama bwana ya @Douchebag Otieno , named @Agwambo

Mdomo yako chafu leo hujefunika na Gum ya viatu?



Naeza nyonya hizo nyondos na kumseti doggie vibayia sana kama milaya

Wueehh …!!
It getting complicated … !!!:D:D

Men age better than women walae
. Imagine ni agemate wa boy wetu samidoh

No wonder bwana anadinyana nje. She should work on cutting afew kgs

Even at my worst, I’ve never fucked a girl with a big upper body and small lower body. Very masculine structure

Anakaa lanye wa tearoom

Na ati ndio @negrowegrow anamezea mate. Wueh.

Okuyo chieth guok

Nimekuwa converted to a hoe loving zelta male after going through posts with extremely ugly women who make some talkers here go gaga

inverted pyramid

Yenyewe some men pale plantation huona shida…yaani you marry a petite and shapely woman, because thats your taste anyway, only for her to turn into something else after a kid or two. Noma sana. No wonder some married men are forever hunting down young squirrels.

Ni kupenda kwao…Kenyans don’t like to workout and are surprised wakilipuka. Although I’m not sure hizo matiti can be helped with a workout.