Sweet Akinyi

She works in a Dubai Mall and serves excellent Ice Cream …:grin::bouquet:

Away with the half truths, Contortionist. You didn’t go for ice cream at the mall just to escape the heat

Out in the open it is sweltering hot …
The soothing effects of cool Ice Cream and a comely face are more than welcome …:grin:

Then your title would be Akinyi’s Sweet Ice Cream, not Sweet Akinyi. Nothing here shows you even tasted the ice cream.

Who do you think she was talking to …??
And why would I buy Ice Cream and not eat it …??? :grin:

This talk of a scoop of chocolate ice cream has now melted into meaninglessness. Indulge

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Scooping along …:grin:

No doubt some wayward elders would love to dip their stick in her cream :rofl:

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Na mbona unaongea na Soprano kijanaa


He spoke in a strangled voice because his throat was dry. Let him not lie it was due to the heat from the air–the mall is aircondtioned. Ni mtingiza chungu pia.

Rexumbwa the nutritionist ni umbwaa tuu

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The proof of any pudding is in the tasting…:grin: