Sweeps Moto Moto


:D:D:D Ameguza live wire


[SIZE=5]Nani ameguza live wire? Nani anapewa sweeps?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Learn to give context before posting useless threads. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Takataka umwa hips na ng’ombe ya jirani.[/SIZE]

Raila is an academic dwarf

Nimekupatia like ju ya the last sentence. How dare you say that wicked prayer bwana barista?

Why hips wokili! Why not head or shoulder?

Cows are very protective of their king

[SIZE=5]The incoherent poster failed to provide a detailed account of who ‘aliguza live wire’. As result, I gave the donkey a harsh reprimand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Hakuna mambo ya prayer hapo, zombie.[/SIZE]

The only reason no one notable has called out odinga on his academic qualifications is simply the fact that he knows whose academic skeletons are buried where including Uhuru himuselefu.

Education credentials is always the hiding place of failures in life. The only genius that life recognizes is the Money genius.

Wa pablo escobar a genius. in life, money matters little. What matters is your ability to self actualize within a society where you live. You can drive in epensive cars and visit all the hotspots in private jets but it will come to naught if you did it deviously. For example, there are many corrupt people in the world who own hundreds of times more that the royals of britain but those royals have something the richest corrupt thieves of africa will never have.

This is one of Kenya’s biggest mysteries. Knowing our loud mouth jaruos, if any of them were lectured by Raila at UoN, they’d never let us forget it. They’d shout about it at every opportunity and include that fact in their CVs because it would be a big achievement.

umbwa ingine imepewa PhD juzi na hakuwaingia class kazi ni kuiba mashamba east and west,

Hata mimi hushangaa sana. Kyle Nairobi West ukiingia kwa some dimly lit pub na unanze story na some dim eye, within minutes, he will be telling you how Raila visits the place regularly and even show you the exact place he sits. All is a humble brag how he rubs shoulders and inebriates with Tonga Jakom mwenyewe.
This brings me to Ushuru Kinyasa. I have never heard anyone brag or even inform us that walikuwa Amherst pamoja. Kwani alikuwa anasoma na aliens?

What are the academic credentials of the royal family?. Between Sonko and Miguna who had more of what? Who was elected?

You have a very interesting thought pattern. The crux of every leadership position lies in the results they produce. Now, academics real play a very important role. Where someone has progressively demonstrated that he is unable to acquire and retain knowledge, that in itself calls to question his ability to process and apply knowledge.
I am not sure if you are proud of Sonko’s time in city politics.