Sweden sex competition explained vividly. Crazy world.

Where are we heading to in this world:

Sweden declares sex as sport, to host competition

Sweden has officially declared sex as a sport and is also set to host its first-ever sex competition.

The participants will engage in sex sessions which can go up to six hours daily.

A panel of judges will decide the winners of the sex competition while the audience will also influence the final decisions.

Tagged European Sex Championship, the competition will start this week, June 8, and run through a period of six weeks with participants engaging in sexual activities from 45 minutes to 1 hour daily, depending upon the duration of their matches.

The report claims that the audience will also influence the decision of the sex competitions and will notice several aspects of the sexual activity.

The final decision on the winners will be arrived at after considering the factors like the chemistry between the couple, knowledge about sex s well as endurance level.

Mama ya @uwesmake: Hold my Bra, lemmie show these people what Sekete is.

africans treat sex ni kama ni the worst crime in history… wacha watu watombane… as long as akuna kunyi shenanigans

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We should send some talkers as our representatives to the competition. What are our minimum thresholds again?

Ktalk threshold, collapse doggy, reverse cowgirl etc with @rexxsimba momo wins you gold

Shot 3 za kubreak ice
Shot 1 moto middle of night
Shot 2 za goodbye asubuhi
Anything extra unaigia guiness book ya kijiji.


Sounds like a juvenile bragging … :D:D:D

This was in some thread last year:D