Sweden looks like a good place to raise kids.


such small things go a long way towards having a peaceful almost crime-free society.

Their population is aging faster and deceased numbers are more than births. They had to act, all these initiatives is to encourage their citizens to have more kids.

Sweden together with Denmark are made up of an ageing population. Unfortunately for those two Scandinavian countries people dont give birth oftenly and so the push by their givernments for a higher population. Imagine an ad on tv encouraging people to have more kids

Tufanye family planning maze.If Kenya had kept its 1940s population we would have been the same as Sweden.

wacha wariah afike hapo, hiyo government ya sweden itatii.

The only reason sweden is better than norway is how cheap booze n cigs are thats all…okay the women are more loose but apart from that siwes kubali sweden is better am indoctrinated by norway to always see swedes n finland like the way kenya sees u.g and tz …countries haziko serious

Actually tayari kushunuka hii story adi ikawa meme


Do they still worship Odin and Thor there?

What are you talking about? Wariahe imejaa Stockholm kama inzi. Kuna places kama Rinkeby na Tensta ni kama Eastleigh kapsaaaaaa!!!


Wote walipitia hapa Nairobi through Swedish embassy. At that time they were more liberal to accept immigrants in droves especially refugees. However the push back from locals has slowed that process to a frickle. Somali don’t integrate well to other cultures and the host communities don’t like that.

Should have seen th god of war response over here…they don worship but they do love their myths…it was everywhere…Kratos in the mall…on he bus booths…If shit touches the vikings the Scandinavians pop off like crazy not with spectacle but you could see they had a chip on their shoulder last month

True dat.

A good % of the Somali “refugees” in Canada, Australia and Sweden are actually Kenyan-Somalis.

whats the birth rate in those zip codes

Sweden is becoming extremely dangerous because of all the “refugees”. So many women have been sexually assaulted by those savages.

Waria ni wale wale…breeding like rabbits.