Wadau how true is the theory ghat if you fuck in your car hio ni swara.I think I just broke that rule.Nimefinyia mtu backseat mchana downtown Tacoma

Hauna pesa ya lodging ?

Kanugu demio sio gari

So what…/You want us to cry na gari ni yako?

She wanted it nilikua na room motel 6

You can solve this by simply, call huyo Lanye au kunguru ask her akupee pantie yake chafu. Weka pantie backseat drive along t Mboya, for 2 mins then burn pantie njivu zake paka Gari all round

Karibu na Tacoma dome?

Acha uchawi Karumanzira

Most definately a crackhead,who’d want to get a leg up in the backseat,during the day? I bet both were on crack:D.Deeks probably infested with all kinds of VD’s:meffi:

I have, severally. Very random and muoto sana. Sema your height restricts some of this things.
@Kanugu Kuta vitu bro, chapa ilale.

You’ve to slaughter a black sheep to appease the gods, otherwise hiyo gari iko na nuks

You chew on methheads? Iyou must be…ama wacha tu

It is true never do it again if you love your car

Hehe…zi. Meant have had a few trysts at the backseat. Mostly “stolen” goods. Pewa bag ya digital in the meantime na ugotee Awilo. [ATTACH=full]265566[/ATTACH]

Nope not a crackhead

No side za Hosmer ave

I thought @jumabekavu alidefect?

ako nairobi by the way hapo south c

hoodrat? trailer trash? hoe? woman of pleasure? hmmm?

I was a student hapo years ago.