Swara Za America


east coast ukiona ngari dented , 7 out of 10 times huwa ni accident ya deer.

:D:D:D…funny isht

That bitch is too slow to act, she forgot her safety must come first.

i won’t be surprised if she’s in her late 50’s or past that. judging by the time she took to stand back up from that fall.

A man will always be a man…a man should always be respected… I love how the mzee deals with animal even though age has caught up with him while the bitch @TrumanCapote is crying her lungs out

Yaani they are protecting the dogs which should be helping them manage the deer…

Save the dogs leave the bitch:D:D:D

:D:D:D hio deer ijaribu hizo hapa kitui itajipata kwa chungu within a split of a minute , a split of a second huko kwa rustler Gaza