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kwani @Swansea alikutomba arafu akazamia karura ng’ombe hii?

Njaruo @kanguthu wacha kusumbua. I understand that your father is njaruo and your mother is Kikuyu. You must be a very confused human being hence your heavy drinking.

You are mixed up like Obama you don’t know which tribe to belong to or associate with. In 2017 you probably ticked both Raila and Uhuru.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Patco all those years na haujajua bado kuupload video directly?

Badala you kuuliza maswali za ujinga ungeweka step by step formula ndio kila mtu ajue how it is done.

You are village sponsor for god sake

The clip is embarrassing. Huwezi pata a fit young hot blooded white bonobo with an old black bonobo. Enyewe negros are the cursed bonobos. :smiley:

Mtu apatie @patco thutha awache machungu ya dry spell.

Buttco bado nakuomba ile handle yako ya chaturbate

Inaitwa white fever ama jungle fever. :smiley: