Kwa wenye huwa mnavisit brothels,do yo feel ashamed of yourself mkiteremka hizo stairs after kuoshwa rungu?

It’s called the walk of shame.

Cc @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii

Unaibika kuosha rungu… The best trick ni kuchagua poko mrembo saana… Yule anafaa akuwe wife

Is being mrembo synonymous to wife material ??

PNC lazima itandike ghasia ikitoka hapo ile proper.

Do you feel ashamed after eating food coz you were hungry?

What is there to be embarrassed about? Huwa unaibika ukitoka choo? Sex is a biological act like any other. Ama its the paying part that uko na shida nayo? Better to spend 1k on a couple of shots than spending your 0.5 million on a washed up whore who will drain you till the day you die.

Juu ya constipation, some of you even take longer in toilets than you do fucking. There is no shame in fucking especially if you are a man. For the woman though, that’s a whole different story.

Understand this, humans are simply animals that can think and make up concepts like guilt and dignity… At the end of the day, you’ll fcuk like a mbwa koko. Difference is that humans rationalize sex.

Wandering wanderer apewe tots mbili za wandering scotch whiskey juu ya hii comment

word! unfortunately it’s like arguing with a person of a different religion why your religion is good. Ni kama kuuliza mtu kama akiwa bafu huwa anaosha makei vizuri na sabuni

We might pretend but let be honest with ourselves for once, there is emptiness that one feels laying a whore, its not about the money but the low self esteem we end up suffering. There is no good feeling when laying a woman whose heart you have won. The build up to this is what triggers me personally i.e. the texts messages, the long calls, the coffee dates, the sweet nothings, the imagination of her naked etc

When that happens, it can be weeks or months but eventually when it reaches you feel like earned something you had to fight for. Proud moment

:D:D:D… Kila nyani na starehe zake. But remember, some men have more testosterone than others…

The greatest undoing people do to themselves is to lie to themselves. Baada ya kukamua mwhore you feel like the greatest looser this planet has ever produced, hata uwe nani!

It’s like asking will your hand hurt if you get burnt? 100% !

There is no way anyone would spin this although I’m seeing MGTOW brethren are already trying. After you nut, you go out and see couples holding hands, you see a chokosh on the streets with his own chokoste lady and you start asking yourself all manner of questions. Someone who can sleep with 20 men a night and you don’t feel some type of way after you lie with something like that? You must be the lowest of degenerates, if you feel nothing after sleeping with a prostitute.

Ata mapoko hudharau customers wao saidi. Male prostitute @Azor Ahai can shed more light on this.

That can be drowned with alcohol.

Such a low life :rolleyes:

Pombe haipikiwi mbuzi or is it? :D:D

Hio ni social conditioning inakusumbua ,my fren

walk like you own the place[/SIZE]

What about the stories of men not raising their biological children? Ni heri dharau ya poko kuliko ya mwanamke ndani ya nyumba yako… One you pay to leave, the other you pay to stay and tolerate her nonsense.

You Ktalk niggas move funny.

Well put. Hats off.