Swali tu

If you had to sleep in the middle of female perspective and gay lord xii, who would you turn your back to?


Either way is GAY man :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

believe you me , you do not want to be anywhere near in between those two

FP can give you one of those horror incurable Sti’s. You practically watch as your body dies off starting with the deek.

hapo ndio tunasemanga between a rock and a hard place literally

@Female Perspective hapa kuna mijinga inaleta kazi kwa mchezo…kam haraka


If my only choice is to sleep between those two then I’ve made some serious mistakes in my life and deserve whatever punishment the gods deem suitable.

KTALK surprises me every day. nimeclick hii thread kusoma matusi…

I am not gay and I don’t have a Female Perspective on this issue.

Unaangalia juu.

Before even sleeping in that bed that Gay lord whareva atakuwa ame receive RKOs kadha and afew suplexes hadi he will forget about sleeping in that bed…after running away kwanza in full speed juu ya ile vita amepewa na jay i shika FP with the nyceness

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ukiangalia juu gaylordwebdev aruke highjump kama amerudi na reverse ?

Hapa napita tu

Hapa kuna shida.


fp has a sweet cunt

@kendez mendez leta hekaya

Hapa you either have a perspective or turn to the lord