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Why does a fuel pump nozle have a second hole at the mouth? (At first i thought it was for sucking back some of the fuel swirling at the sieve before entering the tank…;))


Wazee wenzako wa 80 years wanacheza na grandkids na we we Ni Ku idle na kutusumbua after kunyonya petroli .

Ghassia muzee

Pole pole ndugu

as you fill up your tank that small hole sucks in air… the moment your tank is full it sucks up some of the fuel which goes into a mechanism that automatically shuts the nozzle…

farasi nusu ngombe nusu wewe

so in short they steal back some of the fuel? try imagine if they do the same to one million cars. No wonder they make alot of money


hehehe no they dont… the fuel just blocks the airway… which triggers the shutting mechanism… the said fuel then drips down from the nozzle

But the Nozzoro shuts.


So there is no risk with telling the attendant to “Jaza tank”?

found this on the web…


expounded futher


lorry drivers will leave the nozzle attached to the tank and go do other things… the moment the tank is full the nozzle automatically shuts off ama aje @Meria Mata [ATTACH=full]254319[/ATTACH]

tell them bro

Never knew