Swali Tu: Ethical Dilemma

Nilisoma thread hapa jana about some bozo who donated a kidney to a woman with an adult son, halafu huyo woman akakataa marriage proposal. It got me thinking, who ranks highest mtu akigonjeka ahitaji kidney transplant?? God forbid, and I know this is a very sensitive topic many people would hate discussing, but what criteria would you use if a relative found himself/herself in that situation??

My opinion: Whoever is his/her heir by law also shoulders the responsibility of donating that kidney. If your sister or brother has adult children, it is not your job to donate a kidney. That is the responsibility of his or her nuclear family.

Another question, knowing women and their nature, despite being first in line to inherit a man’s property, how many would donate a kidney?? Me thinks most women would try to shift this responsibility to the man’s relatives first (not her or her children).

[SIZE=1]Birrioneas would just buy a kidney. Pesa sabuni ya roho. Enyewe a man’s only loyal friend is his money. [/SIZE]

Tenda wema nenda zako

Msenge brownskin hakunanga ‘kugonjeka’ ni kuugua ama una ungua ukiendaga meffi

Firwa mkia na pretty boy jowie bila kusumbua lightskin

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Pro tip: the donor has to match with the recipient so it’s not that straightforward

Mimi naeza donatia bro sis Madhe na watoi wangu .

Bibi na mbuyu wajipange

Mbona hutaki @patco na venye kamekupanulia? Najua ni kachafu kama bata but pia wewe ni nguruwe na hadi matapiko unameza, so mbona hukuli pati fatso?

Man’s loyal friend is a dog, nothing more nothing less. Take that to the ekwiti agent!

If you are a woman, you can get a beta male to do anything. You may even find this jamaa hasnt even slept with the woman and the woman doesnt have a kid with him and they have been on one date only

Not being in control of your mind is a disaster in waiting

As Ruto says “Kama haujipangi, utapangwa”