swali tu elders

Just a hypothetical.

we all know JSKS is a hardliner , D.O pia ni hardliner and they have made their stance clear. what happens if an angry JSKS after several maandamano mondays decides to take him out in one of his rallys kama mbaya mbaya sniper.

or anyone , i mean anyone with bad intentions for Kenya from alshabab to M7 to George Osoros , takes out the old man . what happens ? where does Kenya go from there ?

It means Kenya burns down to ashes, @LIEN dies in the process, probably killed by a stray bullet and his body left to rot by the road side, being fed on by dogs and hawks

This is not about JSKS., Rao or Mugithi Gachagua. This is about the cost of living. IF JSKS does such a silly thing, it will be clear proof that he cares only about himself.

Well not really about cost of living, that is just a decoy, it is all about sharing, JSKS and his loud mouthed deputy wants to eat everything only with their cronies

do you think kenyans have the balls

Hebu wacha @LIEN ndio anijibu, umbwaa

Kisumu, Kibera and mathare will burn for three days halafu warudi chorus ya sirkal saidia

Exactly what Mutua said at the onset of 2007 PEV when he was the government spokesperson. It didn’t age well…

3 days of jaruo mourning then tusahau

Kama Ouko a minister under a dictator watu wali riot kwanza it’s an offense to imagine Enigmas assassination.

What if, due to the strenuous activity (he is 78) he gets a massive heart attack and drops dead on TV in front of the whole .ke…with clearly no evidence of foul play ?

Mtado what? Mta do what? :D:D

Uwesmake we know this is you

With the current atmosphere hata akidedi cz ya ugonjwa the country plunge into chaos.

Ruto and Baba will become temporary friends in the near future.

sijui huyo mtu


Moi, Kibaki, Uhuru must have all thought it at some point, that they didn’t go down that path says alot. Touching an aging Enigma will be extremely short-sighted

Kenya goes to the dogs. It’s downhill from there.

:D:D:D:DI learnt hii kiburi ya JSKS na Riggy G ni just for show after waachane na kina Matiangi hakuna kitu wanaweza fanyia Baba…wewe uliona JSKS akitaka kulia juzi kwa kanisa