Swali Tu. Are Njaruos Good In Sciences & Mathematics Due To Fish Diet From An Early Age?

Ukweli usemwe. Njaruos are meticulous when it comes to professions requiring critical thinking. Medicine, Engineering and even vehicle mechanics, Painters.


Their only problem is that they have LOW EQ. Emotions overwhelm them easily like toddlers and can die for a simple thing such as a plate of Ugali or a half rotten fish.


Siku hizi those are just assumptions. I have met a lot of very intelligent Kenyans from across the spectrum that I no longer believe in those stereotypes. Yes, you will frequently meet brilliant Luos, but it is not as prevalent as it used to be.


Can it be that the silly Modern day Njaruos are Born tao who don’t like fish hence the lack of Omega 3 in their diet?

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…following closely

I take intelligence as a thing that is shaped from various fronts, not via that omega oils thing alone. So no, I doubt it has everything to do with “born tao” or whatever. Maybe Luos seemed more intelligent from long ago because that may have been their only option to success in a country where they have been marginalized because of their political stand. But has it been their only option? I doubt. People are quick to say Luos only prefer office work for some reason, yet across the country, the best mechs you’ll get are Luos, the best carpenters, mostly Luos. Kazi ya mkono tuliachia Luos, basically! You get how easy it is to dispell most of those rumors and stereotypes?

So I never get the obsession with claiming they are mostly intelligent in class and prefer office work. Those are the dangers of stereotypes. Like up there, you mention that they lack EQ, but what are the parameters for measuring such? If you travel around this country, you notice a general lack of EQ across the board. But for some reason, it is easier to point at others than look inward or within!

Therefore no, I do not wholly accept that thing about Luos being particularly intelligent, nor do I accept that one about EQ. Those are basic stereotypes that anyone who has worked around the country or met enough Kenyans from across the spectrum understands. There are super brilliant Luhyas out here, same as Maas, Kaleos and Kiuks. Tulipita hio stage ya kufikiria kama magunia.


Kwa wajaka most primary schools are headed by female teachers because that role is beyond wanaume uko

Umafi post

I would argue that Luos aren’t any smarter than other tribes. However, they value education more than others so they are more studious. The same way Kikuyus value money.

If you invest more hours studying you will likely (not certainly) get better grades than your classmates. If this is done on a national scale then differences start to emerge.

Jaluo wants to work at a prestigious law firm so he starts practicing his English at a young age. Kamau wants to become a businessman so he starts selling items in high school. The same way that Maasai dude wants 1000 cows at 40 so he already has 10 at 15 years.

Kikuyus follow the $$$. Jaluos follow the prestige and titles. Maasai follow cattle etc.

A Kikuyu will happily work a non-prestigious job if the pay is good. An educated Luo would rather work for peanuts and a big title than the less prestigious job. Different cultures tuu.


Omera this is a fantastic observation.

Indeed, fresh seafood sourced from the great Lake Victoria contributes to our unparalleled prowess in STEM.

Hapa Ugenya tilapia is a staple in my abode.

But hio chieth maduong umeweka in bold ambia bibi yako.


Ni :tropical_fish: ama ni hio ngimanene? Guok

Hiyo no garden safi sana.

Yeah partly. In the early years of a child healthy foods like fish, waru and ujipower can lead to better brain development. After the brain develops, sasa hapa nature and nurture takes their course. All factors constant, Luos eating fish has nothing to with intelligence. For others it’s just the ‘placebo effect’ like prayers ama uchawi. Believing something can be a self-fulfilling prophecy but it has its limits.

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Check the graduation statistics. The myth of luo genius is quickly debunked

Hii ni handwriting ya @patco

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In years back that might have been the case, however heavy metal pollution of Lake Victoria by Indian-owned factories has made fish eating a very risky affair.

Research has shown that consumption of heavy metals dramatically decreases IQ. Today, the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids is Nordic Natural Omega-3, made by a company which sources seafood based Omega 3 vitamins from the cold, unpolluted Nordic seas.

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JAruo tulia udimbuliwe dimbu dimbwi

The antichrist trump is to blame for this , sindio?


This isn’t true. I have worked in the luo nyanza for a while n I can attest this is just but a myth. If it were so then the region would be quiet developed

Njaruos are good at one thing and one thing only - fucking kikuyu women. It is their goal and purpose in life. It is written. Soma katiba vizuri.

Eating fish has nothing to do with intelligence otherwise Lamu and Tanariver would have the most intelligent beings. Huko samaki ni daily meals. Intelligence inakuja na environment plus genes.