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How do I copy contacts from Phone to sim on Lumia 530? Kuna option ya “import from sim” only

Chukua kalamu na karatasi Omwami… ama buy Samsung.


I am actually asking for a lady colleague, amenipea nimuzaidie. She is not a villager. To avoid further questions, I am using a Lenovo A6000.

As a @Mod leta yeye huku. There’s always a shortage of ‘pink handles’ pengine guka ataangukia.

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Sina jibu but Hello dear!!!

@Mundu Mulosi to lady colleague.


Ha ha ha ha.

Itabidi utafute usaidizi Mgwasi otherwise hutauma huyo lady colleague Leo. Pigia watu wa Nokia ikibidi.

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These Lumia phones zina kazi mingi. I remember spending a whole day trying to apply a custom ringtone something that is done in 5s in android.

Its not every day I get a chance to sock it to a mod… @Mundu Mulosi hapari pwana moterator?

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Unfortunately you can’t. But if you want to use the contacts on another phone, say an android phone, you can always sync the contacts to your gmail account by accesing https://people.live.com/ By default all contacts are backed up (if not the manually back up)


Leta mbicha yake kwanza

mboss una mchezo…

I use to have a Lumia 720 and many people used to come to me asking how to set custom ringtone. It used to be discouraging telling them that they had to first copy th ringtone they wanted in a ringtone folder using a comp so that they can set the ringtone they want

That sucks man. It such small things that make android have a better experience

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Exactly, can u imagine explaining to an ol mama kua lazima atafute comp ndio aweze kuweka that gospel song she loves iwe ringtone

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Osungu yawa!

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ilikuja na meli